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Update October,2013

 Articles 2013
In the Dark Recesses of the Mind     
Historical Budapest  
Astronomical Clock of Prague  
We Came, We Saw and We Were Conquered -Vienna
We Came, We Saw, We Were Conquered
Spiritual Currency 
Life with Tarot
Tarot Day in Canada
Petals of Tears in my Garden 
Goodbye, Sis
The Seven Essene Mirrors  
The Spiritual Energy of Sacred Geometry  
The Mystery and Wonder of Sacred Geometry

Articles  2012
The Mysterious Realm of Dreams
Moon Cycles and Its Energies
Moon Phases and Calendar     
Tarot Devil Card -Kiss of Judas
The Third Eye
There is a River A Poem
Solstice December 21,2012 A Portal Opens 
The Invisible World Around Us
Express Yourself Through the Throat Chakra  
Personal Will and the Solar Chakra
Silent Tears 
Oh Heart, Dear Heart  
The Power of the Heart 
The Dawn of Digital Era 
Beyond the Gates of Death
Hunt for Witches in Medieval Era
Eric-in Quiet Memory
Memories Can Isolate You
One Sided Love How to Avoid It
 The Perils of Self Sabotage 

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