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What Is Your Challenge

by Bonnie Moss 2004-01

January is almost over.

Why do most New Yearís Resolutions fail? By now, many New Years resolutions would be
thrown out,forgotten, shrugged off. There is always next year.

Why do they fail? Perhaps, because these resolutions are renewed, recycled, reworded 
every New Year, without a serious intent of fulfilling them.Without a plan. It sounds good 
at the time. Everyoneís doing it.These resolutions are empty words. Empty words.

Diet? Lose weight? Cut down on the use of credit cards? Be more prompt with bill payments? 
Cut down on shopping.Read more, pursue that elusive dream, whatever that is. Be a better 
partner, parent, friend and employer or employee. This is a common one:Exercise!  Meditate. 

Time is passing by, welcome to 365 days of procrastination.Time to change your strategy. Yes,
 life entails strategies, planning,action and implementation. But, build it one step at a time.

Think of the company you work for. They have a business plan, a budget; they make sure 
they have the resources needed, financial, time and  human. They assess their position on 
schedule. They implement, they act decisively when it matters.

This is their challenge in order to succeed.

So, what is your challenge? Replace the worn out resolutions that you make year after year.
The words lost their essence, their meaning long ago .Re-think, plan a strategy to meet your 
challenge.Make it worth your while.

In a nutshell, are these pursuits challenging ?
Healthy lifestyle:
i.   good , healthy nutritious food
ii.  healthy portions of food
iii. balance work, family and recreation, each area gets a time of their own
iv.  exercise choose what is best for you, a lot to choose from
v.   time for yourself- discover, nurture and listen to your inner self
Financial Health
i.   budget- a well planned budget
ii.  outline major expenses for the year- car, house repairs, travel
iii. analysis of spending habits- what you need and what you want
iv.  pay down debt- mortgage, credit cards
v.   no matter what age group- a nest egg /retirement/emergency funds

Try a 21-day challenge.
This is not an original idea. But studies show that if you try your best for 21 days,it eventually
results in developing a healthy habit. A forum Iím on has this 21-day challenge. It turns
participants into doers. Thatís what you need to become- a doer.

Take it one challenge at a time. What is important to you? Diet, weight loss?

Challenge yourself to adopt a healthier eating habit.If fast food and take-out food is your style, 
there are healthy choices in this area. BUTóis cooking such an aversion and bother that the 
convenience of take-out or frozen meals are so tempting. There are benefits to cooking. You 
can choose, experiment and be creative. Itís actually a rewarding endeavour.
Surprise yourself.

You love food, eat very healthy portions, you never feel full.More food is good for you.
 OK- think about this seriously.
Vegetables. Yuk. What wants them? Think again. You do!!!
Get the idea?
Try this for 21 days. Focus on this challenge with dedication and enthusiasm.Do it!

If you succeed, your 21 days would act as your spring board  to the next challenge .

One challenge at a time, you can build it up to eventually meeting all those New Years 
Resolution youíve dropped by the wayside.

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