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 Psychic Protection

Psychic Protection

by Bonnie Moss 2003-04

Going around in circles? You can't seem to get going? You feel too much clutter in your brain.This is 
not unusual if you are not grounded. In this busy world,it is important to learn how to get "grounded." 
Grounding is gaining more attention lately. Grounding is essential in any kind of spiritual work, as well 
as in everyday life. Grounding is showing man's respect and connection to the earth's energies.
Think of it like the electrical grounding system of every house.  

GROUNDING helps in centering and focusing on the body 
and to live in the present.  This process fosters a feeling of stability in moments of insecurity, it offers 
a calming effect when emotions are running high. It leaves you in peace and in harmony within and 
with the world around you. Grounding is about gathering together all of your energies - mental, 
emotional and physical,calming   your thoughts and feelings to bring about inner harmony 
and balance.

Sit comfortably and close your eyes. 
Place your hands on your thighs.
Focus your attention on your body. 
Begin with your feet.Then slowly,and thoroughly,
move your awareness up through your legs, thighs,
torso arms, neck and head. 
Focus on your breathing.  
Imagine that you are surrounded by light. 
As you breathe in, inhale this light,and 
feel your body filling with it.
As you breathe out,exhale any tension,any pain 
you may feel in your face, your shoulders, your  whole body
Inhale Light , exhale tension until you are relaxed and calm.


Picture tiny roots coming from the soles of your feet.
Feel them growing and growing, all the way down into the Earth . 
Visualize your roots wriggling deep, deep into the ground, taking hold there
and connecting you securely to the centre of the Earth.

Now bring your attention to the top of your head, to your crown.
Visualize this spot,which is about an inch and a half in diameter,
beginning to open.  From this opening fibers are emerging, 
long filaments reaching up like branches throughout the ceiling all 
the way up through the building. 

Breathe in both streams of energy up from Earth and down from Heaven.
When you are ready,come aware of your body again, of where you are sitting, 
slowly open your eyes. Look around you. Notice any differences in the way 
your body feels.  Be sure to enter your observations in your psychic journal.

Centering is a good exercise if you find meditation difficult. Centering will, over a 
period of time,enable you to select what needs attention both in the everyday world 
and in decison-making issues,as well as your spiritual development. 
Inhale slowly and saying a word such as peace, love or harmony, 
silently on your in-breath so that you extend every syllable,then exhale
the word out loud. 
Repeat this at least 8 times and you will be 

This enables you to switch from your everyday mode to a higher state of conciousness. 
It can also be used as a form of psychic protection. Still your body by going to your special 
outdoor/indoor space. Do nothing except listen to your breathing - do not try to control,
count or change the rhythm. If thoughts intrude gently push them away gently, breathe 
them away. 

Picture a sky full of stars and watch them going out one by one until you are enclosed 
with stillness.IF you find you suffer from being ungrounded a lot, you may be a sensitive.
It is a good idea for sensitives to avoid alcohol, tobacco, drugs and try a vegetarian diet.
A small amount of meat and large amounts of legumes are good for grounding.

If you wish, you can imagine or visualize a cord of energy traveling from the centre of your 
body to the centre of the earth. This can also work if you cannot get outside.

Keep in mind:
It may takes WEEKS of consistent grounding practise before you begin to feel
yourself again, especially if you are particularly sensitive.Any psychic work you do, 
any emotional trauma, will make you ungrounded again. This practice is something you 
must make part of your lifestyle. The three psychic stages of grounding, centering and
stilling the mind can be used separately or in sequence.

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