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The Spiritual Energy of Sacred Geometry
Bonnie Moss (c) January,2013

The idea, vision rather, of God as a Great Architect and Geometrician has found expression through numerous sources throughout the ages. The great Christian theologian St. Augustine, who held both Pythagoras and Plato in high regard, grasped the significance of geometric form, pattern and proportion, and their representation through numerical symbolism, when he stated: “Numbers are the thoughts of God.”

From the dawn of civilization, master builders 
understood and used the principles of sacred 
geometry.To this day,the megalithic structures 
of ancient Europe,the Pyramids, mosques, 
temples,and other sacred places has stood the 
test of time.Given the tools at that period, 
it is hard to fathom the precision of their
work Around the globe,geometrical expressions 
are evident- from China, South and Central America, 
pre-Columbian North America, Africa, Southeast Asia, Greece and other places in Europe 
and as far away as the Rapa Nui in Easter Islands.

Sacred geometry is the architecture of the universe.It reflects the classical work of a Master 
architect. It has the undertones of a secret spiritual knowledge held and used by different traditions 
and religious beliefs around the world. Robert Gilbert writes that the deeper and hidden meaning 
of sacred geometry and teachings apply this knowledge to areas from healing sciences to spiritual 
initiation, with one initial concept: everything has a pattern, that pattern is the key to all creation 
with its special effects.

An old Masonic lecture from several centuries ago states:
“If we consider the symmetry and order which govern all the works of creation, we 
must admit that geometry pervades the universe. By geometry we may curiously trace nature 
through her various windings to her most concealed recesses; by it we discover how the planets 
move in their respective orbits and demonstrate their various revolutions; by it we account for 
the return of the seasons and the variety of the scenes which each season displays to the 
discerning eye. By it we discover the power, wisdom and goodness of the Grand Artificer of the 
Universe and view with delight the proportions which connect the vast machine."

Sacred geometry is symbolic and its sacred meanings are ascribed to certain geometric shapes 
and certain geometric proportions. In the Far East, math structures were also part and parcel 
of spirituality. Between the first and second millennia B.C., the Chinese developed the I-Ching, 
a mathematical divination system that involved 64 hexagrams (each constructed from eight trigrams) 
made of solid and broken lines. The I-Ching was not intended to predict the future, but to offer 
counsel on the process of change occurring through time.

Sacred geometry has fascinated scientists thus generating a lot of research and studies. Geometrical structures are found around the world, in nature, the galaxies and many structures.The I-Ching hexes correspond to the 64-codon structure of human DNA in a more precise way than the spiral as earlier studies show. This ancient knowledge is now part of 20th century scientific studies- modern science. The mystery of the great pyramids of Giza has stirred a lot of interest, scientific curiosity and archeological surveys. Engineers, mathematicians, geometricians have not really come up with the answer as to how this magnificent structure was built to stand the test of time given the limited tools that was used at that time. One thing is very evident- the work and design is of such precision that even with today's sophisticated technologies, has not been duplicated ( as of latest research). There are few and unclear answers to many questions. Some researchers agree that the most evident tool used for the design was the application of the Golden ratio which proves that there was a divine intervention. Was this structure a fingerprint of God? The knowledge of the golden ratio was kept secret for thousands of years. Whoever designed the pyramids and guided the construction of it allowed no room for even a miniscule error. Fast forward to the 21st century, with the widespread spiritual awakening and consciousness, many believe and promote the power of cosmic energy.Pyramids are believed to attract cosmic energy, lots of it which permeates throughout the structure. Throughout the centuries, various geometrical forms have been revered as expressions or metaphors of higher spiritual truths. These sacred forms and symbols are a natural part of the collective consciousness which emerges in every generation. We project them outwardly from within our psyche because they are so fundamental to our existence. That apprehension is intuitive. Certain typical forms recur in meditation and ceremonial practice, worldwide..spiritualphysics Cosmic energy is all around us. It is the bond between the galaxies, planets and man. It occupies the space between each and everything. It is the life force of the universe. Plato assigned the dodecahedron to the element cosmos since it is different from the other polygons due to its pentagonal faces.( The Golden ratio is closely associated with cosmic energy. We receive some cosmic energy in our sleep, total silence and meditation.Various distinct cultural and religious traditions postulate the existence of esoteric energies, usually as an essence that differentiates living from non-living objects. In the Taoist philosophy, qi, is the energy from breath, prana in Hindu belief system or breath of Life given by God to Adam. This energy is closely associated with the human soul. Eastern practices such as chi gong or yoga and martial arts promote the practise of developing and increasing the energy channels thus helping focus and opens one to spiritual practise. According to Jackie Craven,( sacred geometry, or spiritual geometry, is the belief that numbers and patterns such as the divine ratio have sacred significance. Many mystical and spiritual practices, including astrology, numerology, tarot, and feng shui begin with a fundamental belief in sacred geometry. Architects and designers may draw upon concepts of sacred geometry when they choose particular geometric forms to create pleasing, soul-satisfying spaces.
Sacred geometry is also evident in Nature. Plants, flowers, trees and terrain present intricate patterns and shapes with particular mathematical principles involved. The chambered nautilus is observed to grow at a constant rate, the shell thus forms a logarithmic spiral to accomodate the growth without changing its shape. Honeybees are another truly fascinating study- they construct hexagonal cells to hold their honey. There are many more objects in this universe that many believers hold sacred.

The Flower of Life can be found in all major religions of the world. It is believed to contain the patterns of creation as they emerged from the great void. Everything is made from the Creator's thought. After creating the Seed of Life , the same vortx motion continued on to the next structure known as the Egg of Life. The earliest known symbol of spirituality is the spiral. Ancient cave artists scrawled simple spirals on the walls of their homes, for reasons which have not been preserved in written language, but at which we can guess.

The spiral is the simplest and most common geometric shape in nature, both visibly and invisibly. From conch shells to weather patterns to DNA to galaxies to hallucinogenic visions, spirals are omnipresent in nature.It was discovered that there were artists among the cave-dweller and their favorite figure was the spiral. Some believe there must be some mystical inspiration in the emergence of spirals in shamanistic, animistic and nature-worshipping cultures. In the 19th century, mathematicians tried to find the answer to the irrational number of the golden mean. There was no simple answer. They called these irrational numbers fractals which have the ability to reveal massively complex structures when charted. In 1970, Benoit Mandelbrot, a mathematician, developed an extensive theory around fractals using computers to graph the complex system with stunning results.

Fractals are graphs that produce amazingly organic shapes of infinite complexity, clearly corresponding to natural processes including how embryos develop, the growth of plants, weather systems, the structure of space and time, and just about everything else too. The study of these complex systems and the relationship between math and life and time soon became a credible school of study, known as chaos theory. This by itself covers a broad subject. Geometry is closely associated with mathematics, music, light and cosmology due to its ratios, harmonics and proportion. It is this divine proportion that was the foundation of the sacred structures. Arts based on sacred geometry may be ephemeral, such as visualization, sandpainting, medicine wheels, mandalas all of which are tools for enlightened awareness. Mandala

This is a very useful tool for spiritual growth and dvelopment. It has not gained that much popularity, but perhaps because people don't take the time to try it. The mandala can help you to connect with yourself. There are many ways to create a mandala. It offers the chance for self-expression and discovery.It is believed that the mandala was invented between Buddhism and Hinduism. The I--Ching and Mandala was a major step in the concept of Sacred Geometry in Eastern religious culture. It presents abstract concepts such as time, higher dimension and higher states of consciousness, rather than charting the physical aspect . The higher dimensional math underlying the structure of the mandala turned out to be reflective of the higher dimensional math innovated by Albert Einstein.While it is undeniable that there is an elegant wisdom and logic behind the geometric forms that create our world, the divine blue print is not one that can be systematically deducted and reduced and indeed was not created to evoke logical understanding only.There are much deeper forces connecting the numerous forms which create the reality we call human There are Sacred Geometry oracle decks for anyone interested in getting deeper into this subject. There is a unifying force in creation. It is up to us to feel a connection with every living thing around us, respect them and spend a few quiet moments alone with nature. There is nothing “unknown” out there.There would not be great discoveries if man walked this earth feeling disconnected with this wide world. Adventurers went out there, not with fear of the unknown but with great expectations of what lies ahead, which in their hearts, they know there was a connection.Tragedies came with these explorations, but look at how far this world has come. Man did not confine himself to land and sea- space was not that far away. Always searching, reaching out further into the deep blue planet (sea), digging deep into planet earth, to outer space using tools and technology based on mathematics and geometry. The quest never ends.

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