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Celtic Web Art

by Bonnie Moss 2002- 11

CRYSTALS have been around for eons ,formed thousands of 
eons ago.They are unique in that they have a geometrically  
perfect atomic structure. Quartz crystals are a natural substance 
formed from the movement of the earth’s crust.It is believed 
that the Atlanteans harnessed the power of gemstones
for communications over distance, and even for flights. 
These perfect substances have extremely special
properties.It receives, focuses and converts energy.

Quartz crystals are used today in many appliances because 
of their electrical properties. Crystals amplify  sound waves 
in a radio and light waves in television.The silicon used in our 
computers are valued for their programming capability. At 
their deepest level, crystals are said to be mineral transmitters 
and they store cosmic energy contained deep within the 
earth’s core.

Due to their perfect molecular structure,they are in complete 
alignment with the earth’s energy. Crystals have been used 
for healing purposes by the early Egyptians. Magical properties 
are attributed to crystals. In the Middle Ages, kings and knights 
wore gemstones on their breastplates for protection. 

Today, some believe that crystals have Devas in them; that 
this is where crystals derive their power.Whether you believe 
or not, crystals are worthy of experimentation and study. Many 
healers use crystals on regular basis. Crystals are used in 
Feng Shui, which is an ancient Chinese art of Placement 
where man comes in harmony with his environment.

They are used to ward off negative energies, and enhance 
the flow of positive vibrations in an area.Crystals can be 
imbued with one’s energy, used to focus and re-direct 
energy in many ways.

Everyones’ relationship with crystals becomes very personal. 
There are no clear rules, you have to discover for yourself which 
crystal resonate with you in an effective way. Fascination with 
gemstones go beyond their use for jewelry.

Crystals , minerals, semi-precious and precious stones, call 
them what you want- their use has extended far beyond 
ornamental adornments. It has expanded into health,vibrational 
healing, meditation, personal power and protection, into science 
and technology and many more uses that man’s imagination 
has probably not explored.

Others may argue that knowledge of the power and uses of 
crystals has been around centuries back.For this site, allow 
me to share the little knowledge I have gained about the world 
of crystals. Join me .

I am no expert, but I use crystals to improve the  health of 
my mind,my body and my spirit.Actually, the first crystals
 I owned were Feng Shui crystals, beautiful  man-made 
crystals that reflect the rainbow colors as the sun shines 
on them just at the right angle.

Thanks to the Internet, I typed the word crystals and I haven't 
looked back.They can be used for meditation,chakra balancing 
and/or stimulation, grounding, centering relaxation,reikei 
and protection.
Crystals are associated with the signs of the Zodiac as 
birthstones, some wear them for good luck and as talisman. 
Did I say protection? Yes, for self-protection against negative 
energies that surround us, protection for our house, our 
property and our vehicles. The most important use of crystals 
to me is for self-improvement. 

Gemstones can help us get closer to our inner selves and
 more in touch with Mother Nature. Enjoy the beauty,touch 
them, hold them in your hands.Crystals are beautiful. 

Look through your jewelry box or around the house, there 
must be something made of crystal. In today’s metaphysical 
shops, crystals come in all sizes and shapes and variety. 
There are polished stones, uncut stones , chunks or clusters, 
druzy, tumbled gems,cabochons and other varieties.

There are also dyed stones and other fake stones in the market. 
Spend some time in a  crystal shop and try to feel the energy of t
he crystals. Or visit e-bay and have fun with their many pages of 
crystals.Should you do decide to start collecting crystals, think 
of it as a new world opening up to you, a fascinating one.


The variety of crystals to choose from is very extensive. 
Think of what you want a crystal for.Browse around the shop,
look at the different crystals, which ones are you drawn to? 
Take it in your hands, roll it in the palm of your hands, first 
with the right hand, then the left hand. 

Even if you are familiar with the world of crystals, it is a 
fascinating experience to hold these gems and experience 
that warm feeling if a crystal is right for you. And if you 
dare, hold the stone in the area of your third eye. 

This crystal is the most popular and extensively used one.
It comes in many kinds, colors, shapes and size, among which 
are amethyst, citrine, clear quartz,snow quartz, smokey quartz, 
etc. I started out with the quartz crystals, learned as much as 
I can and started to work with a few. Quartz family of crystals 
include a long list. Please note that I can only provide 
snapshot descriptions.
Among the few crystals I work with
 Clear quartz:
Come as points, clusters, druze, in all sizes, shapes and 
inclusions. Quartz crystal unblocks energy centers and 
helps the body heal. Simply holding a quartz point each 
day helps boost the immune system. 

Excerpt from Krystina Arcati’s book: Gems and Crystals for the Beginners 

About an eighth of the world’s crust is quartz, and it has 
been used in buildings for thousands of years. Many 
ancient people mistakenly believed clear quartz to be 
fossilized ice, Roman ladies used to carry quartz balls t
o cool their hands when the weather turned warm.

I find clear quartz is very helpful in meditation. 
It helps the mind to focus;it helps dispel negativities.

Rose Quartz:
Soft pink color in itself is very calming. It is the stone 
for self- love, to uphold self-esteem when it is being 
compromised, a calming stone. It helps promote 
forgiveness by releasing the anger and pain and 
the other negative energies. Rose quartz exposes 
emotional imbalances; keep a rose quartz in a room
where arguments may likely occur;it helps keep 
the boiling point down. 
Sit with a rose quartz in meditation when you are 
feeling perturbed, helps calm you down 
emotionally and feel an inner peace.

Comes in deep shade of purple or lilac.It is said
 that those who choose rose quartz are also drawn 
to amethyst. This is a spiritual stone, indicates 
creativity and capability of spiritual healing.

Keep one under your pillow,it helps to reduces 
nightmares and enhances dream state. Amethyst is 
a good crystal against alcoholism.

Comes in deep orange-brown or bright yellow color.
This stone does not absorb  negative energies,
also known as the merchant stone, good to hold 
when is under stress and anxiety. It is a stone
that helps one in polishing communication skills. 

Smokey quartz:
Has been considered a good luck stone.In the past, 
it was given to soldiers about to go to battle. It helps 
alleviate negativities and promotes relaxation. Kept 
under the pillow at night,it is said to induce lucid 
dreaming. Explore your inner self with smokey quartz.
It helps to balance sexual energy and helps in 
recall activities. 

Natural stones have stronger energies and healing properties.

Sometimes we are vulnerable to stress because we 
are not properly grounded. The energy level is 
spread out all over, focus is lacking or absent, 
you know not whether you are coming or going. 

Some grounding stones to help are: smokey quartz, 
hematite, tiger’s eye and black tourmaline. 
There are others that are equally effective.

This stone is helpful when one tends to take on the
 negative energies of others,like when you allow 
yourself to be a sounding board for everyone.

A chalcedony, jasper, translucent, also called red agate, 
an orange crystal believed to help one find focus 
amid confusion.

 format like others off white in color, it is a variety of 
feldspar with aluminum. It has a pearly appearance - can 
be white, grey, pale yellow or almost colorless. It is 
believed that moonstone’s energy grows weaker and 
stronger as the moon wanes and waxes.It soothes 
stress, good for grounding,, being referred to at times 
as mother earth stone. It enhances intuitive sensitivites, 
helps promote smoother flow of life.

 Lapis Lazuli 
This stone is believed to have links to biblical, Sumerian 
and Egyptian origins. Its name is partly Arabic for blue 
(lazurite) and partly Latin ‘stone" (lapis). 

Lapis has been a popular healing stone for several 
centuries- for eyesight problems, to heal fevers and 
self -assurance. This is a good stone for meditation. 
People who show a natural affinity to this stone will 
find that it helps one to develop and increase psychic 
awareness. It also helps in cases of depression.

Tiger’s Eye
This stone is a member of the quartz family. It’s 
variety in color range from yellow, red,brown, golden 
yellow, green and blue, They make eye-catching jewelry. 

Tiger’s Eye is helpful as a protective stone. You can 
carry it around in your purse, leave it in your car, or 
as a jewelry. It is said to counter-act nervousness, 
increases self-confidence and provides protection. 
In meditation, the layers of dark color next to bright 
colors seem to be the epitome of the Yin/Yang 
principle,the positive and negative principle working together.

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