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Gems from Soul Searching
by Bonnie Moss 2004-03-13 (c)

Scott Hamilton sums it up: The greatest disability is a bad attitude.

I can not change the core of my being- I am too sensitive and emotional.

Getting older changes one's perspective on Life.  Battles that were once critical no longer tops 
the list of priorities.  As one gets older, life gets more fragile.  Relationships,mental capabilities,health, 
physical limitations,deep seated feelings of insecurity, loss of personal power- all these are frightening! 
But, these are replaced with strengthening of the spirit; a chance to develop a different perspective, 
helps one face life with a positive attitude.  Donít they say one mellows with age?

I promote self-empowerment. This is not about being assertive, aggressive,  domineering and always
in control , confrontational and arrogant.Far from it. To me, it is about better  relationships, strength 
to accept and deal with the changes, the inevitable falls and pitfalls, the ability  to rise from the ashes 
and move on. 

 It is about the willingness to face reality, to deal with disappointments and failures, to let go 
of illusions; not with fear but with a purposeful goal  to learn from these,not with bitterness but with 
a clear resolve,allow love and peace to flow. Sometimes, one's world, one's hopes and dreams come 
crashing with a big bang, a major shaking up of life.  This is a chance to take a great leap of faith, 
grow and strengthen one's self-trust that has been  relegated into the background like it does not matter.
It is the chance to harness the power from the river of knowledge flowing through oneís being, 
to take that first step to get up  and move on. Time to let go and really let go.

Hanging on to personal loss builds up powerful negative blocks, blocks that fuel anger, grief, 
bitterness, vindictiveness, distrust,confrontation, all negative and very powerful energies. Over time, 
accumulation of these  takes its toll on one's health.

Self-empowerment strengthens the spirit, it brings forth deep insight,better perspective. It fosters 
self-love , not a self-absorbed  kind of love, a love that shields one from stinging and poisonous
arrows. Remember, everything comes to pass. So, why allow a negative influence to knock on the door?
Hurtful issues tend to get remote and forgotten by those who inflict them. Why dwell on these,why 
create negative energy that takes on a life of its own, with tremendous power. 

 And what purpose does it serve? NOTHING. Live the day in peace and harmony.  We live  in a world 
of turmoil, deception, hypocrisy and insensitivity, not to mention fighting with  inner demons. BUT, 
 believe in the power  of love and peace. Forgiveness is extremely difficult-  easier said than done. 
Only time will tell

What is a worthy cause to one, may not be to another. This is a personal decision. Look beyond the obvious.
Words are cheap. They say, don't look a gift- horse in the mouth. 

People say things without thinking, with malice,  lies, and more lies, sometimes reflecting their 
inner insecurities,fear and anger. Let this destructive talk pass, take these words with a grain of salt.
May you find your peace and may faith and love light your life.