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 Heirarchy of Angels

Angels to Petition

by Bonnie Moss 2004-11

ARCHANGEL RAPHAEL is the Archangel of Healers: 
The Shining One Who Heals

 He is the Divine physician.In the Book of Tobit, Raphael shows Tobit how to use the parts of a fish
to help him get rid of the demon Asmodeus. He also showed him how to use the fish gall bladder
to cure his father's blindness. Raphael is believed to have a great sense of humor.

Choir: virtues
Planet- Mercury
Day of the week- Wednesday
Number- 8
Color-  orange, yellow and pale blue
Incense- anise, lavender, gum arabic
Flowers- azalea, red foxglove,lily of the valley
Stones – Opal, topaz, tourmaline,carnelian, peridot
Animals- coyote, monkey
Trees: hazel, acacia, myrtle and mulberry
Healing plants: wormwood,digitalis,mandrake,valerian,parsley

Another angel to petition for healing:

To seek for the help of Ariel:here’s a prayer line, add your own as you go along:

In the name of the Almighty creator of all,
I call upon you, Ariel, great Angel of healing,
ordained to restore health to mortals,
to give me vitality  and well-being
that I may be freer to walk my 

I honor and thank you for hearing my prayer
In the name of the Almighty

NOTE: To enhance this burn some copal essence ( also known as lion’s tears)and burn six candles,
 white  or yellow.

To make this more powerful aside from saying  the prayers everyday, write a petition,
 in the form of a prayer-in your best script style handwriting 


He is the Champion of Humanity.He leads the forces of light against that of darkness
During the angelic rebellion, he conquered Satan. He is the patron of the Catholic Church and 
of Israel.He is visualized in the fiery red color.

Michael: Ruler of the Sun
Element: Fires
Day:   Noon, Sunday
Colors: yellow, gold
Flowers: peony,marigold, sunflower,cyclamen,passion flower
Stones: ruby, amber, tiger's eye, chrysolite
Incense:  frankincense, myrrh,copal, cinnamon,bergamot
Body parts: heart, spine,solar plexus, eyes
Activities: all creative ones
Key words: vitality, motivation,activation


Referred to as the Fire of God, Angel of Cataclysm, Envisioned as a huge figure whose 
being emit a blinding brightness, a rainbow corona surrounds his head, his crown is of quartz, 
emanating a flashing lightning. He has electric blue eyes,a penetrating look, he is the most 
eagle- eyed of all the angels.He is shown with open palm bearing flames, he holds a scroll 
and flashing  lightning.

Uriel is:
Angel of the north
Element earth
Season winter 
Planet uranus
Day of the week- Saturday
Colors- yellow, silver, white , violet or indigo
Crystal- white quartz
Incense- jasmine, sweetgrass

Depends which reference one uses, days of the week and colors as well as directions and 
elements vary. I have used  the above guidelines for my own ritual. He is referred to as the 
Angel of the Eleventh Hour, Uriel can be called upon in extreme crisis. When one needs some 
insight and inspiration, Uriel is called upon. It is written that Uriel was sent to Noah to warn him 
of the impending deluge.

Uranus is one of the invisible planets of the solar system, discovered in recent times. It can 
not be seen by the naked eye. Uriel is the only angel that can be invoked. The other two 
planets, Pluto and Neptune have such subtle effect, beyond the reach of an individual for
any appreciable results.

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