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Ten of Wands
 The Language of Tarot
Ten of Wands, Obstacles We create

by Bonnie Moss 08-2010(cc)

The  Obstacles  We Create Along our Path

The suit of wands represent the fire in the spirit. In the Rider Waite deck, it 
shows a man burdened by the weight of the ten wands he is carrying. He is not 
looking at where he is headed as he is bowed down by the weight of the wands. 
This card shows a person who feels overburdened with so much load on his 
shoulders. Does he see the way? There is always a way out, or a solution 
to a problem.  He is struggling to move forwards, but with such a burden, 
he does not see the way.

Human nature is such that we are our worst enemy. We conjure blocks consciously 
or not. The daily grind should not be all about the struggles. Life is not about 
the problems that are thrown our way. Ask yourself what is so bad about your life 
that you can not find it in your heart to smile first thing in the morning.


There are many who hate their jobs. Why not consider the benefit you and your 
family derive from your job. There are so many who are willing to work for 
probably a lot less than what you make. What is the reason for your dislike 
of your job? Some people are dissatisfied because they feel they do not have 
a chance to apply their knowledge, their education, or whatever else they think 
they deserve. This sense of entitlement is defeating. 

Work should not be a source of overwhelming unhappiness. I always believe that 
if you apply yourself into what you do, at the end of the day, you have the personal 
satisfaction that you did your best. It is easy to say, do not take it personal. 
Easier said than done.. At work, it is difficult not to take to heart annoying or 
unpleasant  co-workers or the working environment. Why spend a minute or even a 
second to reflect on the unpleasant? Focus on what you have to do. During breaks, 
take a few minutes of deep breathing, breathe peace in your surroundings, on the 
people around you. Read a book to take your mind off what stresses you. Call 
someone who can lift up your spirit- talk of something uplifting. Stay away from 
complaining. It gets you nowhere.

Like the Ten of Wands, the burden is so heavy that the man is oblivious to the 
scenery before him, he is dragging the burden under his feet blindly.  

This an area that can cause a lot of unhappiness. At the root of most relationship 
issues is blocked communication. It is easier to be angry, express all that is 
negative to someone else, but not to the person involved. Ask yourself why is 
this so?

No one should feel chained or stuck in a relationship. But- if communication 
channels are open, there is a chance to forgive, to establish a peaceful and 
meaningful relationship. If people were more open and willing to discuss issues, 
this paves the way to a peaceful relationship. Love, that has always been there
is obliterated by anger, dislike or just displeasure. If something is missing 
in a relationship, talk about it.  There is always an answer, if you are willing 
to find it. Relationships at work or at home  is an important component 
of peace within oneself.

Letís face it. There are people who are negative. They believe nothing will ever 
work for them. Indeed, nothing does. It is not easy to avoid negative people 
especially if they are part of your family. It is not easy to talk to them about 
changing their attitude. Perhaps, a therapist can help, that is, if they can 
accept their negativity.

The responsibility of tolerance lies with those who have wider vision.  By George Elliot 

There are conflicts where it is best to walk away from. Again, easier said than done. Conflict stirs deep emotions. Relationships involve emotional and spiritual investment. One has to weigh the importance of these in any conflict. Human nature is such that we make mistakes, we can be judgemental, we take to heart the most trivial issue. There will be times when people disagree. Deal with it the best way you can, there is no sense in having sleepless nights over it. The choices and decisions you make define your life. The load on your shoulders can actually obscure your vision to a smoother road ahead. Obstacles we create render us blind. Look at familiar truths from a new perspective and changing circumstances in your life. Tarot Articles ARTICLE ARCHIVE