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Oh Heart, Dear Heart
by Bonnie Moss (c) 2012 July

Oh Heart, Dear Heart
Bonnie Moss July, 2012

In his book, The Alchemist, Paulo Coehlo, writes about a boy and an alchemist travelling across the desert 
to the pyramids, where the boy hopes to find his treasure. Being a man of wisdom, the alchemist tells the boy 
to learn to listen to his heart. But why, asks the boy. He answers: Because wherever your heart is, that is 
where you'll find your treasure. As they travelled on, the boy gets confused messages as he tries to listen to 
his heart. He feels his heart is agitated, gets emotional,even scared. At one point, the boy believes that his 
heart is a traitor.The alchemist tells him that is good, his heart is alive.The wise man adds that treason is 
a blow that comes unexpectedly. If you know your heart well, it will never do that to you, because you know 
its dreams and wishes and will know how to deal with them.You will never be able to escape from your heart.
The boy listens quietly, although doubtfully, to his heart.

Do you believe in the power of your heart? How often have you heard the words: Listen to your heart, for it 
will not lead you astray.Today, there is almost a global interest in metaphysical tenets, Eastern philosophy
(not totally geographical), the wisdom of sages of the past, Native North-American Indian teachings and the like. 
The field of medical science and technology are making favorable advances in diagnosis and management 
of most diseases.

The heart pumps quietly, as you sit and read or listen to your favorite music, or just relaxing. You feel calm 
and peaceful. There are times you hear a pounding on your chest, you try to take a deep breath to slow it down. 
You know something is afoot. In sadness, your heart understands you. It beats faster when your emotions run 
high. If you could only stop and listen, your heart can help you find your way.

The cardio-vascular system:
This system includes the heart, the vein, arteries and capillaries that run throughout the body.The 
cardiovascular system is vital and basic to life. The beating of the heart is an automatic function controlled 
by the brain. The contractions of the heart move oxygen into the blood and gathers the carbon dioxide 
from the blood which is then expelled through the lungs. This process involves all the cells of the body. 
Technological advances in medicine helps in faster diagnosis and better management of  impending 
heart problems, in an effort to prevent heart disease and worst, a heart attack. Society is more aware 
of the importance of a healthy lifestyle and its benefits. 

In today's world, stress runs high as society tries to deal with the ever increasing demands on their time, as 
the fast lanes gets wider and wider. It is a fact that mental and emotional stress affect the physiological 
health. Scientific research proves that anger, anxiety and worry significantly increases the risk of heart 

Mental and emotional stress affect the physiological health. Scientific research proves that anger, anxiety 
and worry significantly increase the risk of heart problems. Studies by Dr. Hans Eysenck and colleagues at 
the University of London shows that chronic unmanaged emotional stress is six times more predictive of cancer
and heart disease than cigarette smoking, cholesterol level or high blood pressure. Management of emotional 
stress is more responsive to intervention. And there are many, many ways to manage stress which is a natural 
part of life.

Simplify your lifestyle. Do you need to do that much shopping ? Retail therapy is not a solution, it creates 
more problems. Do not feel guilty when you have to say NO. Enjoy every moment you can with your 
family and friends.

 Since emotional processess can work faster than the mind, it takes a power stronger than the
mind to bend perception, override emotional circuitry, and provide us with intuitive feeling. It takes the 
power of the heart instead. 
by Doc Childre, Founder, Institute of HeartMath

We live in a knowledge-based society. Information about any subject is globally shared in an instant. 
There is an increasing awareness that most diseases can be healed. That is if one is willing to believe 
in the power of self- healing. This is a wide open avenue to anyone who seeks an alternative therapy or 
a complementary to conventional medicine. Meditation is a big step to quieten one's mind. It is recognized 
as a way to cope with stress and calm the mind, so many ways to learn how to meditate that is if one is 
willing to incorporate meditation in their daily life.

There are many who seek healing methods some of which are based on Eastern practices such as yoga, 
Chi Quong or tai chi. There are spiritual practices and traditions around the world, in different cultures, 
with the same message. We have the ability to heal ourselves, to feel that interconnectedness with the 
universe, if we could just sit still and listen to our inner voices, our inner guidance. 

"A culture of the heart is emerging.There is an era of creativity and compassion which is coming. 
The heart is playing a starring role in this new age... Healthy Heart Meditation

Your heart is the seat of your life, your passions, your love. Learn the power of love, but first, learn 
to love yourself and savor that inner peace before you can go out in the world and spread the 
meaning of love.

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