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The Good,the Bad and the Ugly
Bonnie Moss (c)2005-06

Whoever coined this phrase is a genius.Life find ways to dish out exactly this- the good the bad and the ugly. At times all in one day. Optimists tend to see the good, the beautiful and the positive. Let the negativities slide off, like a drop of water on a waxed surface. Let it go.

Pessimists find fault in everything,even in themselves.Nothing is right, no matter how hard they try, they are just not getting anywhere in this life. They see no beauty in this world, in their career/ jobs, much less in their relationships.They are unlucky.

I always say take the good with the bad- my parents were not perfect, my siblings are less perfect, my children can be such pain, my neighbours are so-so.What about my husband? What about me?? How do I come across to those close to me - me with my mood swings and at times erratic nature.

I know I have changed- evolved if you will as I dealt with my demons, my excess emotional baggage, my inner child., my guilt, guilt and more guilt. It took years to peel off the layers of hypocrisy, to take the many masks that covered the real me.

These were bad and ugly.

Was hypocrisy necessary? Perhaps. It's one thing to live as per the dictates of society and family as to what is appropriate behaviour.It's another to suppress the real feelings within, just screaming to be set free, to let me be my own person, design myself the way I deem right for me.I live by my own standards and beliefs- I have a few friends who shock me with their religious beliefs,fanaticism.. One is very convinced that I need to be saved from all the new age stuff I dabble in. It's the work of the devil.

I'm comfortable with who I am, with what I've accomplished. I intend to pursue other dreams and ambitions in my retirement years. This is good. I ain't finished with life.

Somehow, I still have to deal with the good,the bad and the ugly.

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