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Somebody's Crying

(c) Cheryl Lynne Bradley 2005

If you have been a long time professional reader you know that it can bring you to 
a point where you are no longer surprised by how unkind and hateful people can be and
the tragedies life can inflict on people. A tsunami of sorrow....

I have often thought of what the ultimate purpose is of having such a gift and how 
to use it to the greatest benefit. The greatest problem we all face is the lack of credibility 
associated to our craft and the amount of ignorance there still is to overcome. Sometimes 
you just have to follow where it all leads you and the past couple of years I have been led 
into the land of Cold Cases, Unsolved Crimes and Missing Persons.

I was always someone who liked a challenge and I have met my match now. A murdered or
missing loved one is a sorrow that time will not erase and families wait decades for answers. 
Some of these families have found their way to me and it is changing my world.

Visit The Doe Network.This site has extensive listings of unsolved crimes, unidentified 
bodies and missing persons that are over 7 years old.It is one of the most comprehensive
listings available. This was started by volunteers and they have assisted in solving 35 of 
these cases so far. They deserve enormous kudos for this effort. This same group of 
dedicated volunteers,from every vocation, walk of life and circumstance, also run the 
North American Missing Persons Network, this site features newer cases. Both sites
are updated weekly.

I created the "Ritual for that which is Lost or Missing" - it is Christian themed. I can 
see and have accurate impressions but that isn't the proof the police need to make the 
arrest and despite the hype we hear and the TV shows which depict it, they don't take 
psychics seriously. Sometimes what is needed is a confession,a location or someone to 
come forward with the information needed. We all know that we are trying to tune sensations 
into observations and too much of our information comes in without the full context.
This ritual is designed to remedy that.

I must admit to initially having some extreme reluctance in undertaking these endeavours - 
there is no room for false hope and you have to be a totally compassionate person with a 
real gift before you even step up to this plate. There can be little or no information to go on 
and the intense emotional aspect of it can make it easy to fall into the trap of reading wishful 
thinking. But when you get it right or the information you come up with is accurate to the 
circumstance, it makes all the burdens associated with being a seer,more than worth it.

 There is always somebody crying.......

ABOUT Cheryl Lynne BradleyCheryl is the founder and president of Tarot Canada International. 
She is an artist, photographer, writer, an energetic lady who manages to devote time to all these 
endeavors. Add to this , she is a single mother of two,a beautiful daughter and equally good looking 
son.Find out more about Cheryl and Tarot Canada website:
Tarot Canada


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