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I Am Blessed

by Bonnie Moss( c) 2004- 03-13

My Prayer
I pray for this world, and for all mankind,
for the innocent victims of manís inhumanity to man,
I pray for the hungry, the frightened, the sick , the weak,

I pray for the young , the old and  the able alike 
who have lost their way, or are forgotten;
For the neglected,innocent children who suffer in the hands 
of those who are supposed to take care of them.

For the victims of war and for those
who sacrifice their lives  to keep this world 
a better place for all of mankind;
may those who lead others be guided
by the power higher than themselves

I pray for these, if one soul should be
delivered from  suffering, I am very grateful.
Even just one soul, I know 
I would have made a difference.
There is only so much a  human body, 
mind and spirit can endure.

     I Am Blessed

I am thankful for the food on my table, for the warmth and comfort of my bed, for the love I receive, the love I share for the peace and serenity of my environment, for the chance to enjoy and appreciate the beauty of Mother Nature. I am blessed with the health of mind, body and spirit, a caring and loving heart. I do not live in fear of what the "morrow" brings. Today well lived, makes for a better tomorrow. I am blessed with courage and strength to welcome each day with Faith and enthusiasm. Each day brings a new beginning, a new experience. I pray to discover the gems from lifeís trials, appreciate what is before me. Know that today is what matters. I am blessed Times are uncertain, but I walk with confidence that I will ride out the storms this life brings. I have the freedom to make choices and decisions I am not afraid of making mistakes , but instead learn precious lessons. I can speak my mind freely I am free to pursue my dreams or just day-dream, and not feel guilty For I am blessed!
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