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All About Charms

Bonnie Moss (c)

CHARM is one of the most enchanting word in the dictionary. The word alone exudes fascination.A series of words sung or spoken with the purpose of invoking something out of the ordinary to happen.

Words then extended to objects thus make the object play a role in achieving the desired results. Charms were verses spoken or sung, stating the intent. Such verses were used by witches as a protection against witchcraft, against hexes and bad thoughts.

Some good luck charms witches of the past used:

the fire bites, the fire bites; Hogs turd over it, Hogs turd over it, Hogs turd over it; The Father with thee, the Son with me, The Holy Ghost between us both.

Remember the enchanted apple the wicked witch used to bring Snow White under her power? Eventually, "charm" came to refer to the object itself.Most of us own a charm . We probably have never spoken words of enchantment to the object. I know I haven't.

For a charm to work its magic, it must be dedicated or charged for that particular purpose. Charms can be used for protection, for healing,for good luck, to attract good vibrations,to enhance existing positive traits. I'm sure there are many, many more applications of charms.

In the medieval times, doctors were few and far between. Witches were revered as healers. Many, if not most of these healers used charms, such as sounds and objects to create a healing atmosphere.

Prayers and the Scriptures were approved by the Church for healing, and those who practised this with the blessing of the Church were given proper training and knowledge.

It is believed that a Nottingham sorcerer sold copies of St. John's Gospel to break a witch's spell.

He prescribed the recitation of : ...Five Our Fathers, ...Five Ave Maria ( Hail Mary) .. and one Creed as form of Word of Power against negative energies or hexes.

CHARMS can be powerful.Who has not uttered the words abracadabra?

These words dates back to antiquity. It was a chanted vibration meant to open doors that had been closed with magic. Today, this words are turned into pantomime jokes.

How to charge an object: CHARMING TECHNIQUES

Objects considered as charms are ever popular. Charm bracelets were popular at one time- commercial objects commonly identified as lucky charms were suspended on the bracelet. Pendants are charms- some take a lot of care in choosing what pendant to hang from a chain around their necks.


After you bring home an object you intend to use as a charm for personal use or as a gift,it is important to cleanse it.Simply, wash with salt water, sea salt is recommended. For metals that may be affected by salt water, use a clean cloth that has been soaked in salt water to wipe the object.

When you feel satisfied the object is cleansed,rinse it in cold water quickly and thoroughly. Wipe the objects dry with a cloth specially dedicated for this purpose. Dedicate or charge the object with your own wishes when you are ready to use it or give it away. Your own heartfelt words have greater impact, especially when the intention is noble.


Small articles which may not be of value to anyone but the owner and the giver. Such objects when blessed and charged with magical energy are symbolic. Think of the horsehoe, or finding a four-leaf clover.What about angel pins,small elephants,teddy bears ,etc.

It is believed that this practice of miniaturising objects date back to the Egyptians, when goods were buried with the corpse, to represent what was needed in the afterlife.

CORN DOLLIES and kitchen witches are examples of poppets, charged with enchantment and magical energy.These are used as charms to invoke prosperity.

SCARECROW an effigy of the fertility God,designed to protect crops from malevolent spirits and marauding birds.

THE CHURCH encouraged the use of holy objects, such as rosaries, relics and religious medallions. It is believed that during the 17th century, priests blessed rosaries with the belief that they offered protection against fire, tempest, fever and evil spirits.

CRYSTALS are gaining popularity again.Crystals come in many shapes and forms.Some believe crystals have a residing "DEVA "in them. They are used for their healing, protective, and other magical powers or energy.

Crystals make versatile charms.It can be used as pendants, carried around in a pouch or medicine bag, or carried in the pocket. Learn to cleanse and program crystals for whatever reason you want to have them.

Be familiar with the many varieties of crystals and their properties, each crystal is different.Use your intuition.



Health I bring you, happiness too, wealth herein and all for YOU

Whatever you do or give to anyone, say these words,from your heart to bless the gift,a gift of love.

Love Spells