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Why Keep a Journal
by Bonnie Moss (c)

Keeping a journal covers a variety of scope, ideas, events which are worth exploring and 
sharing. What purpose does keeping a journal serve?

Do you write down your thoughts, your innermost feelings,the joys and the pains embedded 
deep in your heart? Does it help for you to verbalize in words your plans,your promises your 
dreams and what about those special moments?

Anne Frank kept a diary. To this day and for many more generations to come, she shares 
a world, a life at an era where human dignity and freedom for some was a crime.Her diary 
keeps it all fresh in man’s memory. Timeless.

Explorers charted their days, their travels, the glorious and the gory episodes as they made 
their way into unknown territories.

Excerpt from a journal:
Donner party/ Shackleton expedition
 December 28, 2004 7:29 PM
I am amazed by the story of Shackletons Polar expedition of 'Endurance'. A ship filled 
with supplies and plenty of men eager for the expedition, until the disaster strikes with
the ship stuck in ice and the long polar winter setting in. Every single person had 
a journal and always wrote in it. It was one of many things they did hold dear, and so
many emotions were logged in, and so important were these journals that of course they 
are archived and in safe keeping for the study of this history and the times. Without these 
journals, so much of the daily life and events  would have never been known! Two years 
out of civilization, and all the records being kept in their journals.

Today, journal keeping is growing in popularity, the why and what discussed openly 
on on-line forums, groups and amongst cyber friends.

Journal keepers empower themselves. Keepinga record of events and issues in their 
lives, they can go back to these pages for good or bad. Why keep a journal?
Here are more reasons why:

 But I know I'm also very nostalgic, and I know I want to preserve some of the 
days events and moments in my life. Nice to look back on. I know I used the journal 

 I write in my journals to help to "set the day straight". By writing things down, it helps 
me to sort through the day. It also helps to let the angry go and remember the
good times.

Why keep a journal? Because, as a wise man  once said: "A life worth living, is a life 
worth recording." On a more pragmatic note, my journals also serve to jog my memory 
and inspire me when I am writing a memoir, novel, or screenplay.

Well it looks like I'm not the only one thinking it's about time I really got committed and 
started really, I mean, really writing a proper journal this year. My last years journal was
good- but this year I want to put in 100%. I mean adding  drawings, photo's bit's of 
nature (e.g. unusual leaves etc...) that have true worth in my soul  somehow. Inspired 
poetry is sure to come from this continuous act of self worth.

So, what do you think of keeping a journal?
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