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The Enchanting Threads of Retirement
(c)Bonnie Moss 2006-10
How many times do we wish our life away dreaming of the freedom that comes with 
retirement. Especially moments when the workload gets too much to bear; family 
responsibilities weigh heavily upon our shoulders and watch our dreams fade away
 into the sunset?

The day will definitely come face to face with retirement.If you think you can just 
submit your retirement notice, go home, put your feet up and voila- you don't  
have to face another day at work! This is retirement.

Think again. You need a plan for your retirement. What do you want to do with your 
life now that you have the luxury of time? So you are prepared for the financial 
aspect, the social aspect and have made other plans. 

What about TIME?
How are you going to use this time, precious time now in ample supply for all the 
dreams you wanted to pursue, things you never had enough time to devote to? 
Retirement is about taking care of YOU.

Time on your hands comes with the ability to transcend time. Days are no longer
planned around career, family and social responsibilities. It is the time to shift 
gears away from the fast lane to the relaxed pace of retirement.

There are a lucky few who are able to pursue their hobbies with passion along 
with their careers or while raising families. But there are more who focus on 
everything but hobbies and other talents or skills.

The media dangles all these fun-filled ways to spend your retirement years.It makes 
a worry-free retirement very appealing. Rightly so. 

Sitting on the beach sipping Pina colada, watch the frolic on the beach, soak up the 
sun and enjoy the glorious sunset for as long as you can is a wonderful thought. It 
is an idyllic portrait. 

Ask yourself how long do you think you can be this inactive? Are you are willing to 
spend  the rest of retirement in physical  and mental inactivity?  You know this lifestyle 
will ultimately compromise your health- mental, physical and spiritual.

There is more to retirement planning. As we get older, life gets more fragile physically 
and emotionally. Relationships, mental capabilities, health, physical limitations, 
deep-seated feelings of insecurity, loss of personal power- all these and possibly a 
few more issues are frightening thoughts. But theserealities comes with getting old.

As you plan for retirement, there is another perspective.It's time to renew and strengthen 
the spirit, keep or enhance a positive attitude and savor the quieter side of life, away 
from the daily concerns of mundane responsibilities.

There is more time to spend with family and friends. It is an opportunity to indulge 
yourself with your hobbies, or find new interests. Retirement offers the time to discover 
golden opportunities that were put on pause for lack of time, energy and other resources. 

What dreams did you put on hold all those years you pursued a career and raised a 
family? You wanted to be everything that society and family expected of you. In 
retirement, indulge yourself. These years are for you and you alone.

There are many avenues to explore to make retirement years enjoyable, productive, 
creative and add meaning to your retirement.

Many of us have hobbies- arts and crafts, sports, reading, writing, bird-watching, j
ewelry-making, woodworking, gardening and many more.

Don't laugh. Many retirees are going back to school to pursue  higher education, 
or take refresher course on a field they are familiar with or take classes on arts 
and crafts. Years of experience will enhance the choices you make, now that 
precious time is at your disposal. It is never too late to pursue a new career. 

Early on in retirement, plan to see the places you have dreamed of that seemed 
so far away. Realistically, as we grow older, aches and pains seem to surface 
unexpectedly.The energy level has its ups and downs. Medical conditions that 
pestered us earlier on seem to demand more attention as we get older. Lucky 
are those who are able to include travel while active in their careers and 
raising families.

What have you got to offer to your community? Explore your inner strengths, 
draw from your expertise. With time on your side; get involved with your community. 
We all can make a difference. Communities are always looking for volunteers. To be
one is a worthwhile endeavour for anyone. Join the church choir.

Do not  isolate yourself from friends, associates and family.For those who can only 
enjoy a few months of summer,fire up the barbecue, spruce up your lawn and garden,
enjoy the cool evening summer breeze sitting around an outdoor fire with loved ones.  
Get to know more about your neighborhood and neighbors. Get involved!

Dare to daydream. Now you have the time to enjoy a nature walks, go bird watching, 
hone your photographic talents, Nature's beauty frozen in time  in your photo album is 
something to behold.Sit in the garden, in the park or by the seaside or lakeside. Enjoy 
the serenity of the moment.

These are the enchanting threads of retirement.

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