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The Invisible World Around Us
Bonnie Moss September 2012

William Wordsworth wrote:
To every natural form,rock, fruit or flower,
Even the loose stones that cover the highway,
I gave a moral life. I saw them feel
Or linked them to some feeling: the great mass
Lay in some bedded quickening soul and all
That I beheld respired with inward meaning.

alternate text

You feel the wind, but do you really see it? You see the trees swaying as their
leaves dance to the beat of the wind. We do not have to be able to "touch" anyone 
to be connected with them. No one sees our thoughts, yet, we send out thoughts 
and vibrations to our surroundings. We send our collective healing thoughts and 
prayers to victims of man's inhumanity to man, or natural calamities. Even 
inanimate objects need respect and care- some fuss over their vehicles 
and other prized possessions. 

Have you seen Father Time lately? Does he fly by waving at you when you are having fun or celebrating? Does Time sit with you when you are in a reflective mood?

Gardeners talk about their connection with their plants.Gardening is a way to connect with the earth and nature.They claim that talking to their plants enhances their growth. Some believe that plants can absorb your pain or angst just by placing your open palm over them and seek their help by surrendering what ever bothers you. Plants emit vibrations invisible to the naked eye.Tree lovers believe in the soul of the tree, that hugging a tree helps boost your energy level. To take a walk is a connection with Mother Earth and Nature. Sad that so many do not believe in universality - one way or another, we are all connected.
There is a Swedish folktale of the forests. The lumberjacks of northern pine, fir and spruce used to work pretty much alone, felling trees, lopping branches in the short days of white cold. Sometimes, Huldra visits their camp. She is described as exquisitely formed creature, delicate, enchanting and irresistable. Her appearance would get the attention of the lumberjacks.A wood cutter would drop his axe and follows her, beckoning deep into the woods. As the man approaches, she turns her face away then vanishes, she becomes invisible. As he gets deeper into the woods, he gets lost ,unable to find any familiar markings, and therefore freezes to death. James Hillman writes about this in his book, The Soul's Code. He lists the throng of invisibles that add order to our lives such as: family values, self-development, relationships, happiness, then he adds the stronger figures of control, success or failure. In everyday life, we are aware of the importance of energy which is all around us and in everything we do. Energy is critical to sustain life.There are theories about energy, electrical, mechanical, electro-magnetic fields of energy.The microwave transmits energy that cooks food with great speed. Satellite transmissions swirl around and takes care of the electronic messages around the world. Most of these energies can not be seen, we can only feel or notice its effects. One popular way is chakra balancing which involves working with the energetic channels or meridians.It is believed that balancing and opening the chakras help to unblock stale energy within the body. This is achieved through meditation and visualization.Does anyone see these in a physical sense? Meditation transports a person into a world beyond what the eyes can see. Have you ever walked into a room and feel tension in the air? Some believe it is due to negative energy that pervades the atmosphere. We are aware how draining it is to be around people who are wrapped up in their negative world, prisoners of their negativity. On the other side, there are those who walk into a room and just brightens up the place. We feel these energies, yet, can not put a face to what positive or negative energy looks like.

Myth and mysticism has fascinated man throughout the ages. Why does myth live on almost forever? It is the invisible world that fuels the power of the myth. It is said that myth is a mixture of truth and poetic fancy. Does Huldra exist as flesh and blood or a shadow from the invisible world? Mysticism crosses the bridge between the visible and invisible world.

Some consider it magical. No one can see the face of intuition or perception. It is out there in the invisible world that surrounds us. Some believe in rituals and its benefits.
A blue moon ritual, happens when there is a second full moon in a month, as in August,2012. The next blue moon will be in two years.
While we look not at things which are seen,but at things which are not seen; for the things which are seen are temporal, but the things which are not seen are eternal. 2 Corinth .iv.18

In ancient Ireland, the Celtic people believed they were part of the Eucharist of Nature. They viewed the world as divine that each one shared with the natural world. To them, each mountain had a soul and each river had a heart and together, they belonged to the Great Circle. With the coming of Christianity in the 5th century, this sacred vision vanished. Poet and scholar John O'Donohue in his work,The Invisible World, writes -”did this sacred vision vanish? In his work, he recovers Celtic spirituality's original mysteries, practices and beliefs that enrich Ireland and its people today.To them, life is sacred, yet they reserved their greatest reverence not for what they can see, but for what they could not. They sensed the invisible world, the great unknown from which they came from and the source of eternal wonder in their lives. He teaches that through prayer, we may directly enter into this secret immensity and escape the psychological prisons we create for ourselves.
WORLD INVISIBLE "O world invisible,we view thee, O world intangible,we touch thee, O world unknowable, we know thee, Inapprehensible, we clutch thee!" by John O'Donohue

This is the beauty of the mystery of life.
Ref: James Hillman- The Soul's Code John O'Donohue- The Invisible World Mosaic photo- Magic Garden in Philadelphia, U.S.A. Blue Moon ritual photo-courtesy of Delbert Invisible photo-