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Dream Stones

Author Unknown 2003- 11

First select the stone you want to use as your dream stone.I would recommend a piece of clear quartz, amethyst,rose quartz or citrine as your first dream stone.

Clearing process:

To clear out any unwanted energies in your stone,:place it in your left hand, covering it with your right next, imagine a pool of water in your mind ,breathe in deeply, seeing and sensing the clear water washing out your dream stone ,push your breathe out sharply through your nose, as if to set the image in place in the stone.

To program dream stone: repeat the clearing process, instead of imagining clear water, imagine what you want in the stone, from spiritual clarity to prosperity or a new relationship. The choice is yours.

After programming the stone, hold it in your non-dominant or receiving hand ( left if you are right-handed) as you sleep. Notice how it affects your dreams. Check out different types of stones, programming them for various things, while observing how they affect your dreams. You can also intentionally bring your dream stone into your dreams, using it for energizing, travelling and healing. As you drift to sleep, simply repeat to yourself:

dream stone of light,

dream with me tonight

Keep this stone next to your bed, under your bed, or in your pillowcase in a natural fabric bag, or hold it in your receiving hand at night as you drift to sleep. The power of the stone entrains your dreams, just as your energy entrains your stone.


AGATE: grounding, balancing, self-confidence

AMETHYST: divine communication, wisdom, banishing nightmares, dream protection, mental clarity

CLEAR QUARTZ: ultimate dream magic stone, spiritual connection, divine guidance, healing dreams, divine dreams, time travel, astral travel.

DIAMOND: divine inspiration,remembering your dreams, amplifying dream energies, protection, magical dreaming

HERKIMER DIAMOND: ( an extremely hard diamond) propitious for all kinds of dream magic, stimulating higher awareness, filtering out negative dreams

Reprinted with permission from the newsletter, Future Endeavours, of Tarot Canada International

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