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The Joys of Summer
Bonnie Moss (c) 2006-06

For those who live in the temperate zone summer started last June 21st. Let us toast 
to the season. Yes, Summer is here!

At one point, I thought  summer was going fast forward to autumn. Such is the temperament 
of the weather. At times, it is unpredictable. It must be frustrating for the meteorologists.
However,it helps to pay attention to the forecast.

Enjoy we must, the good warm days of summer. It goes so fast- and never long enough 
for all the things planned for this summer. Some of us try to plan projects ahead. Yet, well 
into the season, those renovation plans are going slow, painfully slow.Grin and bear it- itís 
not the end of the world.I try not to be a slave to my projects. There are endless interruptions 
that slow-down the process for me. So,I appreciate what is done, there is always next summer.

Enjoy the fruits, the beauty of your garden and all that hard work. Savor the sweet scents
floating from your garden. Immerse your spirit in the colors bursting from your flowers. 
Each flower offers an attraction that is inviting even to a non-gardener.

Take the time to sit and meditate, relax. Take a book outside and read to your heart's 
content. Catch up with your summer reading. Don't feel guilty about lazing around. It's
good for your body, it's good for your spirit. 

Donít let the weeds annoy you. By this time,they are growing faster than you can pull them 
out. Think of your weeding as a great exercise,allows you to do your bending, walking , take 
some deep breathes and stretch. Weeding is very grounding.

Quieten your mind and you gain better perspective,deeper insights into life's 
daily challenges.

Drive to arrive. Safe travel starts with a safe vehicle and good driving habits, awareness 
of road safety and road courtesy, which the young ones can start to learn. Plan your trip 
carefully. Have a good conversation with the family about the trip, keep the young ones i
nformed and excited about where you're taking them. Teach them to be good passengers 
and not whine too much.Children love to be treated like adults. This is a good time for 
children to learn to admire Natureís beauty and bounty.  

A good information about your destination would be helpful - this way, you will not lose 
precious time trying to locate places. Make sure you have a good emergency supply and 
first aid kit, flashlight, water and nibbles, important telephone numbers, cell phone battery 
charged. A spare blanket can come in handy.

Donít push yourself too hard to get ďthere.Ē A good planning will ensure that the driver does 
not get too tired to enjoy the trip. Happy travelling.

 Housebound or no plans to go anywhere:
Don't fret. Get outside and enjoy the summer breeze, listen to the birds singing, have a 
hummingbird feeder and watch those little birds flap their wings furiously as they enjoy 
their treat. 

If you donít have the energy to plant a garden, enjoy the beauty of a neighborís garden and 
tell them so. Have some of your dear friends over for a short visit.There are all kinds of 
take out food so you don't have to slave over a hot stove. People are more than happy to
come for a visit and wonít even mind bringing some food. Make it a pot-luck event.

Read, listen to your favorite music, or just enjoy the peace and quiet. Visit that friend
youíve been thinking about these past years!

 The sociable:
Donít you just love having friends over for a barbecue! Such fun. Those pesky and annoying 
flying insects are bothersome. There are good insect repellants. Light citronella candles, 
spread them around your yard. They donít only repel insects, the lit candles add an aura of 
serenity. Burn some incense for aroma and to attract inspirational thoughts.

Here's to a fun summer to all.

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