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Bonnie Moss 2007-01

Frank Sinatra sang:
Regrets, I had a few but then again, too few to mention.

Lucky fellow!
Regrets are like pebbles thrown at a calm lake- one pebble can stir ripples, at times 
far-reaching.Notice that the ripple starts at the center.

Regrets go deeper than one cares to admit. It starts a litany of what-ifs; if only I 
can turn back the hands of time. Regrets of acts that should or should not have been 
done. Regrets over unfulfilled relationships stir turmoil deep within. Regrets over unkind 
words or acts that were uncalled for can torment a mind as it plays over and over. 

We regret not having so many things. Remember part of a quotation.. 

I asked for things so that I can enjoy life, You gave me life so that I can enjoy things..

The list goes on.

What purpose does this serve? Regrets are self-defeating and can send one  off to 
depression. This is self-sabotage. Is it too late to apologize, to start over again, 
to let go and move on? What can you do to get over your regrets?

We all have sins of omission or commission that we deeply regret. Remember, what is done
can never be undone. But, there are lessons to be learned. These are precious gems that
come disguised as mistakes. Ponder over issues that bring about feelings of regret.

Think of the other things you can do now that you are more in tune with yourself 
and your world. Regrets take roots deep in the very core of the soul. Some regrets are so 
deeply embedded that one carries these to the grave. This is very sad. Regrets must have 
brought on deep, agonizing pain, sorrow and misery. Regrets can turn to demons that clings 
on and on, hauntingly.

Regrets deprive you of peace and happiness.It leaves you carrying a broken heart,a 
heavy emotional baggage, a spirit that lacks nourishment.

Write down all your regrets, burn them, and throw the ashes to the wind or let 
it be carried far away in a lake or river.

Let go of your regrets and move on.

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