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In the Dark Recesses of the Mind
by Bonnie Moss (c) 2013 October

There are nights you toss and turn. Suddenly, you are reminded of an issue that you buried a long time ago. Or so you thought! You think of the people you try your best to stay away from. Issues you try to avoid can't seem to go away. Issues almost caused you your sanity. Or there is someone you let slip away? There are activities you find best to avoid. Think of your relationship.How open are the communication channels with your loved ones? You ask yourself where oh where have I failed? Could I have dealt with these issues better? These nagging thoughts have a habit of turning up at a time when you are feeling most vulnerable. They are back to haunt you, and will choose to linger awhile. That is, if you let it. In the dark recesses of the mind are fragments of reminders of so many things.There are unanswered questions, unfulfilled longings and passions, humiliations, acts of commission or omission that you alone can know. A heart that hurts won't leave you alone. It walks with you, especially in the dark recesses of the mind. Fear can be overwhelming- if you let it. It is a powerful emotion.Fear can build blocks that make it difficult to navigate through life.Fear brings up unresolved pain. What causes this fear? Was it something you did that you are so ashamed to deal with it? Trauma from the past comes back now and then and won't leave you alone. Fear can eradicate hope. Fear is an emotion that can be very dominant when there is the slightest crack in the dark recesses of the mind. Guilt is another feeling that can keep you tossing and turning. Who judged you guilty? Sometimes, we are our worst judge and critic. Aren’t you being hard on yourself? You know you did the right thing, yet you are judged wrongly.There are three sides to a story- both sides involved and the truth. You know this, but you are given the verdict of guilty- based on one side alone. Your truth did not matter. Anger incites and provokes very unpleasant thoughts. Are you so angry that you want to get even? How are you going to do this and not regret it later? With anger can come thoughts of revenge. Oh how sweet is vengeance! Failure of any kind, be it personal, relationships, career or other endeavours can throw your mind and spirit into turmoil .You forget failures can be stepping stones to something better. Besides, what was done can not be undone. Regret deep into the night, you keep repeating, if only, if only. s regret really a part of this existence? Could you have done better? Or why did you do it? That's in the past, nothing can wipe this away – not ever in your memory. Loneliness can magnify deep-seated feelings of being inadequate, of not being good enough to be in a meaningful relationship. Loneliness can throw one deep into a bottomless pit. Somehow, in the darkness of night, loneliness can take one with a forceful grip. Oh but you are so alone! Betrayal what can be more hurtful and cuts the deepest into your heart but betrayal? How could this happen to you? Bitterness you can almost taste it . Not ever again will you let this happen to you. You swear and make a promise to yourself. It is said that the world is jaundiced to a jaundiced eye. Such are the intricacies of Life. There are things that happen in this Life that are frightful, unpleasant, unfair, cruel or painful. Life is an open door. Guests come in a variety of color, beliefs, inclinations, intentions, actions and more. Some are welcome. Definitely, unwelcome and uninvited guests do enter our lives. They test your character, they want to find out what you are made of. The past comes to life, creating the same anxieties, anger and other emotional issues. Why? You ask yourself. The mind can play tricks if you let it. The hard knocks of life are what build character. Life has a lot to offer. Peace and happiness is available to everyone. Hopefully, love is in your heart. These make Life worthwhile. These give meaning to your time on this Earth .These are yours to take along with the Light. Article Archive