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Tarot Devil Card -Kiss of Judas (c)

Bonnie Moss 2012 October

The Devil and Death are great controlling forces of the Universe.The destruction and havoc these cards wreak,clear the way for rebirth. Nothing is permanent in Life. Sometimes disintegration clears the fear, it paves the way for you to confront these to find renewal, stability and strength after a struggle. Life comes with upheavals, tumult, disconnection or rift among family and nations. Life also offers redemption, reconciliation and a chance to lift ourselves and find our souls, the true spirit we are all born with.

Devil Rider-Waite-Smith
Overindulgence and hidden motives are the influence of the Devil. This is a warning to be sure your motives are pure when doing someone a favor today, even though the temptation will be there. You know what they say about Karma. It always comes back to haunt you one way or another. Anyone who has seen the Phantom of the Opera can feel the obsession, anger, revenge and all that is evil in the heart of the phantom.He is not alone. History unfolds many once untold tales of the evil humanity is capable of, not exclusive of color, race, creed or social standing.Some members of society do succumb to the forces within them, strong, evil and destructive to others as well as to themseves. It is the shadow- left unbridled and out of control. this is an image A walk through the pages of history recounts many events in human history where the Devil holds power over them.The monarchy, the world over, had its share of treason and betrayal,at times in the hands of their closest family circle and trusted friends.Yes, some of these betrayals were sealed with a kiss.These all came with a price. In today's world, it adds up as karmic debt. We all have a shadow component- parts of psyche, of our material existence. Remember Rasputin? Through the material world, we are able to express our creativity,our genius and a means for fulfillment. An unknown writer puts it so well: There is much power and beauty in our instincts, appetites and drives in the material world. But Nature, as a component of the psyche, is mostly unconscious, and operates behind our backs. Wikipedia Our shadows reveal all the disowned parts of our psyches, the bondage that comes with being absorbed with all that is negative around us.These shadows,at times,make themselves visible by being projected onto other people and onto the world at large. This trump card calls on each of us to confront our Shadow, not to deny or destroy it, but to acknowledge its reality, own it as a part of us, understand its nature and reorient it toward the good. The Kiss of Judas

The prophecy of Micah: A man's enemies are the men of his own household (Micah 7:6).
The Synoptic Gospels identify Judas as the one who delivered Jesus to the soldiers by means of a kiss. This is known as the Kiss of Judas- the kiss that betrayed Christ in the Garden of Gethsemane, after their Last Supper. Jesus was arrested by the police force of the Sanhedrin(Kilgallen 271). In the christian world/theology, the Last Supper, the kiss of Judas and the ensuing trial of Jesus, the carrying of the Cross, ultimately the Crucifixion is the start of the Passion. After the death of Jesus, he was taken down from the cross, laid in a sepulchre, and then the resurrection. Easter Sunday marks the Resurrection of Jesus in the Christian world and the end of the Passion. Was Judas the original spy? Surely, betrayal for a price has been around before the time of Jesus. This betrayal is prominent in religious history with condemnation. Power, greed or revenge has always been great motivators. Did Judas manipulate Jesus? With our changing societal norms- it is not uncommon to hug and kiss- almost anyone who crosses our path. Have you not experienced kissing someone on the cheeks without meaning it? Or perhaps ready to stab them where it hurts the most or choke them? The feeling can be mutual. Betrayal by those closest to us hurt the most. There are those who know how to beat their drums so loud, announcing they are victims, when the truth is, they are users. Their kind have mastered the art of manipulation to a science. They know how to prey on the kindness of others to their advantage, without mercy. Watch out when you do not give in to their manipulation, without hesitation, they play the role of victims. Sadly, it is easy to be judged, especially when the "victim" knows exactly how to play those around them. Judas' kiss is still very much among us. Judas was aware of what he did, but he did not anticipate the consequences- Jesus ended up on the cross. He thought he could set right the wrong he did. He tried to return the thirty pieces of silver. It was too late, they did not care for the thirty pieces of silver. They had Jesus Was Judas a means to fulfill the prophecy- that the Son of God will sacrifice His life to redeem us? The Judas kiss, in the end, cost him his life. Judas was among the twelve disciples of Jesus. He walked with Jesus, listened to His preachings and parables. Judas witnessed many miracles. He was in “blessed” and highly spiritual company. Judas did not lack the knowledge, he was known for his intelligence. He sat at the table for the Last Supper. What was his motivation to betray Jesus? Does this warn us that there will always be someone amongst us, who will not hesitate to betray and abuse the sacred trust of love and kindness? He gave Jesus the kiss of betrayal. Was the Judas Kiss a Kiss of Death as well?
"Crown of thorns and shadow of the cross
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