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Memories Can Isolate You
by Bonnie Moss (c) January, 2012

If you live on the yesterdays, you will not see the tomorrows. Anonymous

Sometimes, memories can stop one from moving forward. It does not matter how pleasant the memories are. Some memories tend to encourage one to live in the yesteryears. Doing this can make it difficult to see what tomorrow brings.

Memories serve a purpose. Positive thoughts can flow from good memories. There are childhood memories, innocent and pleasant. As childhood grows into adulthood, memories build up. Many can remember the glory and carefree days of youth. There are memories of puppy love. Memories of a high school sweetheart is long gone. Then, one faces the world of maturity and responsibility. New memories build up.

Realistically, not all memories are happy ones. Traumatic memories of childhood can linger on hauntingly. There are many who believe they have overcome this baggage, but have they really? The sub-conscious mind does not always forget. Some choices, some decisions in adulthood are based on remnants of painful memories. Some bear the burden of unfulfilled hopes and dreams. There are those who have not really “ grown up”, never able to reach a level of maturity and face the real world, their world's version of their reality.

As life moves along, we collect more memories. If taken into context, memories can help one to find a new direction. It can be a bridge to new adventures, new goals, happiness and fulfilment. Memories of poor choices, decisions and all that is negative can exert defeating results should one choose to dwell on these. It makes it difficult to take a bold step forward with confidence. It becomes a constant reminder of what they missed out on - these unpleasant memories cloud the possibility of success and blocks the way to peace and happiness.

Memories of missed opportunities can be stepping stones to a better tomorrow. Sort out the precious lessons, don't allow the feeling of defeat overwhelm you. Some fall into a mode of self-persecution and self sabotage... all from conflicting memories buried in the sub-conscious.

There are memories of departed loved ones. It is fitting to remember our loved ones. Memories are meant to put a smile on our face, and be thankful for the time spent together. Sadly, there are those who bury themselves in their grief for many years. They feel like Life has lost its meaning. Each day is just another passing day. Memories of a life and love shared together can be a bridge to a new direction, open a whole new world .

Love should never be lost in the depths of grief. Pleasant memories should kindle a spark to look forward to another tomorrow, a chance to develop a new outlook, nurture new hopes and discover new dreams and a new world. Cherish the precious memories - let it remind you that Life has never lost its meaning.

Take a pleasant walk down memory lane, feel the kiss a gentle breeze plants on your cheeks. Take a deep breath of peace, smile and keep on walking.

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