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A Bonnie Garden

Life and Energy Flows from a Garden
Bonnie Moss (c) 2006-04

Gardening offers a visual experience that can 
open the portals to the emotions, to the psyche
and to the senses. It's also inspirational. 

A garden is more than an array of colors and
scents.Given a chance, a garden offers relaxation,
a place to contemplate and a place to heal.

A garden is a bridge between our inner world
and the outside world. The sight of a garden
on the way out, provides a smooth transition
as you greet the outside world.

Coming home after a day's work, a garden gives
a calming effect, reminding you to leave the 
cares and  woes of the day outside as you enter 
your inner sanctum.

Not everyone can enjoy the luxury of a rambling
country garden. A container garden off the
balcony, on the window sill, a small porch or 
backyard can be just as enjoyable.

What do you imagine your garden should look?

The choice of color announces the mood of your
environment. It reflects the inner person, whether 
you are vibrant and inspired, traditional and 
laid back, focused or scatter- brained, quiet,
spiritual, calm, passionate or even boring.

Colors can be complementary and in harmony, 
contrasting or conflicting. Choosing the colors
in your garden can at times be a hit-or-miss 

Don't be discouraged. Plants are forgiving. You 
can re-arrange the colors to create harmony, 
provide enough contrast, and when there is
conflict, remedy by adding or removing a color.

Solid colors give out a dramatic show in a 
bigger garden. A dominance of red does not 
invite one to sit and relax. This color is 
too strong. A complementary color can soften 
the fire of a mass of red.White or silver
blends well with this vibrant color.
An all white garden is boring, the energy is
stale. Some may feel it is calming, clean and 
fresh.At night, under a luminous light, white
can be attractive. It stands out over all 
colors under soft lights. It lends itself
to a meditative mood.

To brighten it up, add different shades of 
green or other bright colors. White and 
silver plants can provide a beautiful
contrast mixed with any color. 

Yellow is a cheerful color, mostly associated 
with Spring and late Summer. A pale yellow 
color does not blend well with white. This 
combination stifles the energy with its dullness.

Various shapes and foliage of green gives a 
garden a feeling of tranquility. Adding pots of 
colored plants can enhance the beauty of the
atmosphere. This is a nourishing color.

For that warm and welcoming feeling, orange
is the color. It is a rich and happy color. 
Added to a background of green, orange gives
a warm glow .

Purple is an inviting color. It teases you to 
rest and relax. To project a feeling of 
calmness, mix purple with whites, pinks
or blues.

Need a moment of tranquility, of peace 
and quiet? Blue offers a sedative effect
when mixed with whites and silver or soft
pink flowers. Planted around edges and
borders, mixed with different colors, it
can be most appealing. However, blue by 
itself gives a gloomy feeling.

To invite love and other romantic notions,
go for pink. Its warmth draws people to it. 


Consider carefully how much time you are
willing to devote to your garden and time 
you have to enjoy it. Gardens need more
than good soil and water. Weeds in the 
garden do not encourage growth. This also 
translates to stagnant energy in the garden.

A garden overgrown with weeds and plants
that go wild stifle the potential for an 
appealing garden. Add to this dead flowers, 
dead leaves and other debris that accumulate 
throughout the season. Energy is blocked
by clutter.

This defeats the purpose of a garden. You
want positive energy to flow into your life, 
into your home. Taking the time to look 
after your garden will definitely enhance 
the flow of good energy all around.

Take time to enjoy the scenery. Plants offer
a form of stress release. Go ahead and talk
to your plants. Weeding and dead-heading 
plants provide a form of exercise, 
it is grounding too. 

Summer is too short- the garden offers a 
respite from the hurry and scurry of life. 
It connects us to the beauty of this
earth and beyond.

A Bonnie Garden
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