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Spiritual Currency

We relate the word”currency” to money and only to money. 
That is for most of us. 

Currency is defined as a medium of exchange, a transmission 
from person to person. Money is a medium of exchange or 
circulation. Money is quantifiable. Money is not just a simple 
word-  either you have it or you don't . The problem is- there 
never seem to be enough of it. Money is complex, intricate, 
confusing, emotional and it becomes a measure or definition 
of one's success or failure. Money becomes a very important 
component in most relationships. Money is energy. 

   “Soul currency is basically our “Inner Treasures.” Optimism, 
harmony, empathy, purpose, faith, humor, imagination 
(and so much more) are our inner treasures, and the things 
that build our soul currency. And even if we don’t have 
one in particular (like, uh, patience) we CAN get it! “.. Ryan 

Money is not the only currency that is involved in our daily 
life. Society today is awakening to the importance of  Spiritual 
element in life. When a deeper Spiritual “ currency” becomes 
a natural part of a relationship, the deeper the emotional 
involvement becomes. 

We share our Spiritual currency each day with people 
around us and this filters to the rest of the universe. 
Emotions, desires, thoughts are energy that we share 
and expand as we go through our day. We make these 
investments daily, the non-physical currency we spend 
throughout the day.

Relationships are not all about emotions or other physical 
aspects. There is a deeper meaning to all relationships at 
the Spiritual level. It is the Spiritual aspect that strengthens 
most relationships. Likewise, there are certain relationship 
conflicts that drain all the Spiritual currency.

Many believe that successful relationships work on a 
equal sharing- giving 50 % of yourself to include your 
resources such as financial, physical ,Time, mental, 
emotional and spiritual. Ideal as it may seem, fifty 
percent of what are you really sharing?  

Issues will arise that will tip the balance if this is a 
foundation of the relationship.Whereas if people in a  
relationship who give all they've got- 100 % commitment 
- what takes root  are truly deep and at a Soul/Spiritual 
level. This acceptance is the precious Spiritual currency 
that gets stronger over the years. It is a deep bond that 
keeps people together, accepting, believing in each 
other as well as respecting each other.

Does spiritual currency run out?

Nothing in Life is permanent- not even problems. 
Many don't realize they use their spiritual currency daily. 
Nurturing relationships exact a price from one's reserve 
of Spiritual currency. It is much like every  dollar  we 
spend is a dollar taken out of our savings. 

Casual acquaintances do not cost Spiritual/Soul 
currency.These relationships come and go, conflicts 
that may arise are not deep-seated. It makes it 
easier to let go.

Difficult relationships among family and close friends 
draw from the Spiritual currency. There is emotional 
value attached to such relationships. Some are 
more vulnerable to these emotional roller-coasters 
thus drawing heavily on their Spiritual currency- in 
most  cases,unknowingly. Some conflicts can go 
as far as tear into one's heart and soul. Imagine the heavy 
toll it takes on the Spiritual currency, as it gets weaker 
and drained. 

In trying times, many of us turn to prayers that our Faith
will keep us strong. We keep harmony in our relationships.
We keep the flames of Love burning. We reach out to
someone in need. We listen. We start and end our day
with prayers of Gratitude.These are ways to replenish 
the reserve of Spiritual currency. 

Psychics and Spiritual currency

The “Gifts” shared with others  involve Spiritual 
currency. With the advent of technology and digital 
society, there are many who turn to”psychics” for 
some clarity, guidance or validation of what they 
already profess to know. There are applications 
that can facilitate on-line readings or the widely 
used term ” fortune telling.” These can be astrologers, 
tarot readers, psychic mediums, clairvoyants, 
numerlogists,  channelers, past life regression, 
Akashic readings to name a few. They claim to 
have the ability to change your Life forever. 

Despite the abundance of on-line readings, there 
are those who prefer a  face-to-face reading. There 
are charlatans- pseudo-psychics who are only out 
there for the money. These are the ones who make
it difficult for the real gifted ones to prove and 
maintain their credibility. 

It is very human to put on the same label on any 
practitioner unjustly. It may not be a known fact that 
many of these “ gifted” practitioners of divination 
( not the ordinary fortune-tellers) are Highly Sensitives 
or Empaths. 

This is a group that draw heavily on their Spiritual 
currency as they share their gifts, wisdom, insight 
and are good listeners as well. They are the ones 
who can easily be drained and exposed to the effects 
of negative energy, even if they “shield” themselves 
from negativities. 

They can easily absorb the unsavory attitude and 
remarks.Some can be so unkind that this ridicule 
they dish out extends viciously to their families. 

 And people wonder what's wrong with them? 

Ryan... Yang town


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