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What If God Paid Me a Visit

Bonnie Moss 2005- 07 (c)

How would I react if God came to visit me?

I woke up one morning and had this crazy notion, then I began to think- how does God 
look like? Does he resemble Gandalf, gray hair, old and wearing that funny gown?
How does his voice sound? Powerful?

Or perhaps he is  surrounded by a bright light that it is difficult  to see him 
from the glare.Would I be able to converse with him, or Iíll be so shocked that Iíd 
be tongue-tied. Or,I open my mouth and would not know when to stop. Iíd just go 
on and on,he will have to tell me to shut up and listen.

What questions would I ask him? I would be inclined to say ..but you already know 
that, God,with every sentence. I have so many questions that I canít remember one.
Do I offer him coffee, as I do with every guest? Will he honor my household and sit 
down? Iíd probably be so overwhelmed I would forget all the courtesies and protocol. 
Iíd be shaking in my boots.

I sort of talk to God every day, many times a day.Sometimes I do tend to be 
confrontational and get very angry, I call this letting off steam. I always feel better 
after this kind of ďtalkĒ with God.

What if he tells me I can have one wish, and it shall be granted. Oh my, Iíll be 
so flabbergasted I canít come up with any wish. With these thoughts, I guess I canít 
really come face to face with God unexpectedly.
Iíd  freak out.
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