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Inner Peace
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Inner Peace: A Light to Guide You

If you let it.To be able to wake up and greet the day with gratitude for whatever the day brings, this is inner peace.

Life is not empty. The world is not cruel. Itís people who make life difficult, create chaos, thus they are unable to find meaning in life, much less appreciate the blessings around them. There is grumbling, there is moaning, there is whining and add to this, bad attitude.

Nature surrounds this world with beauty.There is no greater nor a more creative architect than Mother Nature. Learn to appreciate the scenery. You hear it a lot -smell the roses! Itís meant for you to enjoy, to get inspired, to revitalize your sagging energy. Let nature help you calm down after a hard dayís work.Take a walk in the park, sit outside and enjoy the caress of a light breeze, water your house plants,gaze at a patch of the blue sky, the choice is limitless.

This good Earth provides us with blessings and bounty, if only it is not taken for granted; if only man can be more aware of the respect it deserves. The Earth survives everything,at times at a high cost to it. Earth is forgiving. Family and friends are there to share your interests, your failures and successes, your frustrations and your joys. It is a basic foundation of society. Be a part of it and make a difference.

This is absolutely possible and doable with ease and pleasure.

However, it is easier to wallow in misery when it feels like the world does not hum nor dance to your tune; all you see is the misery - misery that torments you mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. You are not even aware of the laments of your soul. It renders you blind to the beauty around you, oblivious of the peace life is trying to offer, yours for the taking if only you can awaken your spirit and reach deeper into your soul.If you don't go inwards, you go without.

You are a co-creator of your reality. You want to learn how to manifest and co-create your life, and your destiny. Listen to the clutter of your mind at the end of the day. It causes insomnia, which in turn can cause irritability, lack of gumption and even dulls the mind. It drains your energy, saps the vitality out of your life.

Inner peace allows you to be present, to be aware, to be thankful for each day, to appreciate each new beginning. Worry plants the seeds of fear, of insecurity, discord and may ultimately lead to medical problems like, depression ,ulcers, high blood pressure , heart problems and other medical complications. Constant worry affects your emotional,mental, spiritual and eventually your physical well-being. Your self- confidence gets diminished,even lost.

With a calmer mind, no matter how tough a situation is, you can face it,you can manage it and get through it. Of course, allow yourself a fleeting outburst of frustration.

Seek that inner peace, let its light guide you.

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