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Me and My Website
About me?
by Bonnie Moss 2005
Life is a like a wheel. It goes round and round.Sometimes itís up, other times itís down, and
then, watch out for  those dog days of summer. Itís called boring. Life stands still. Indeed, life 
is what we make it. Mostly, we are the authors, the creators of our own heaven or hell. Of 
course we get help from the ones we love or profess to love.

I spent years spinning my wheels.I blamed the world and everyone else for my woes. Why 
should life be so hard on me? I deserve better. Eventually,I had to stop and listen to my own 
drama. I paid attention to the most important tool to find meaning in this life - it was all
within me.

How was I blind to this? I dabbled in tarot for so many decades, yet, I never heard the wisdom 
of the  cards.It was not what I wanted to hear at the time.I took up yoga for years, I didnít 
think I needed to add meditation, after all, I was trying to be physically fit. 

That was in the 1980ís. 

Life really threw me into a tailspin in the Ď90ís.Somehow, I had to find a way to quieten my mind
to clear the clutter, to allow me to find focus. Yes, focus on one step at a time. I thought my plate 
was overflowing. Wrong. I scattered my energy so badly  that I didnít know which way to turn. 
Holidays were not free of the internal chaos that I brought with me. 

Ahh!! Life's lessons learned the hard way. Now, Iím a graduate with honors from the University 
of Hard Knocks and proud of it. I found prosperity and abundance, no, not with the almighty $$$ 
signs flashing. Much simpler than that, but so much more rewarding and gives meaning to my life. 
Each waking hour brings promise, surprises and fulfillment. Each day is something to be thankful for. 

Another day to do the best I can, in the simplest way that I can.No matter what the season is,
there is  always  Natureís beauty to admire. I soak up the serenity of my surroundings and be ever 
thankful for the peace and freedom I enjoy.
What more could I ask for?