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Each Day a New Page

by Bonnie Moss (c) 2006-09

..the moving Finger writes and 
having writ moves on,
neither wit nor wisdom can 
lure it back to cancel half a line,
nor all thy tears wash away
a word from it. 
From the Rubiat of Omar Khayam 

Everyone writes pages in the Book of Life as 
each day begins. There is no greater story for 
each one, than the story of our own lives. 
No two lives are alike.

Imagine the wealth of experience, picture the 
richness of the tapestry woven into each life. 
Intertwine that with the lives of those who  
cross your path. Each life on this Earth is 
meant to be special.

Once written, the story of your life is indelible. 
It makes living worthwhile, adds meaning to your 
life and relationships. Know that you make a 
difference in this world; as the wheel of 
life spins.

It is not the story of a lifetime that gets 
crammed, edited, chopped up to fit in a book. 
It is a book that lives long after you are 
no longer on this Earth.

No one knows what each tomorrow brings.Each day 
that passes by, is a page in your book of life. 
It is said that everyone has a story. How true. 
Not everyday brings success, comfort, happiness, 
laughter and all that is positive.

There are many twists and turns, detours and
rough patches as we navigate through this journey
called Life. 

Remember, the sun does not always shine. But, no 
matter how many rainy, stormy or blizzardy days ,
the sun always rises sooner or later to make the 
world bright again.

Each day, life is written as it unfolds from moment 
to moment. Do you live life according to the 
dictates of society, family, friends and career? 
What are your hopes and dreams and your frustrations? 
Even the deepest secret of your life is written as 
it lies buried.  

What filled your day? Were your problems manageable?
Did you give yourself time to take care of you? Were 
you able to stop and take in some fresh air? Did you 
have a good day? These are all in your book.

Think of the tender moments shared with loved ones.
Life is not without hurdles. Life is filled and 
driven by emotions, by thoughts and actions. Each 
day asks that you make choices, decisions, actions 
and interactions.

There are "bad hair" days. So be it. So it's a day 
you wished never happened. Look back and know that 
you survived and moved on. 

The daily pages of life is written as it unfolds 
each day. There will be pages from your book that 
people will reflect upon especially  your loved 
ones. It brings back memories and smiles, or some
tears. It becomes part of their heritage.

All from the pages of your book of life, a book
written in the heart.

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