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 Psychic Protection

by Bonnie Moss (c)

Ever wonder why sometimes you feel drained of your energy under certain circumstances 
such as: being a sounding board for someone, after doing a difficult reading using whatever 
tool of divination, after conducting a healing session or as innocent as being pushed in a crowd?

Sometimes being aware of your psychic abilities open channels that have been dormant, this  
invites all  forms of unwanted energies unseen by the human eye. It is easy to get carried away 
and forget the possible  dangers you are exposed to when doing psychic work.  However, this 
possibility should not discourage anyone from developing their psychic abilities. It is a matter of 
preparation before and after doing any psychic work .Simple words like grounding, preparation 
and protection can do wonders to shield you.

Why the need for psychic protection when you are  doing something good for others with a clear 
conscience and the best intentions? You know you are not doing any harm, nor trigger a karmic 
reaction- yet, why? 

The path to psychic development and spirituality opens  up a whole new world. You are tapping 
into the unknown,unknown and different energies and cosmic influence. This process opens up 
your subtle bodies in a way that you have never done before. You become aware of  new energies, 
open your aura to receive more influences, and this combination spells power and could be
unnerving at times.

When you start to recognize these different energies and fully open your chakras, you will probably 
notice a great change in you. You get that feeling of  positivity , exude an aura of confidence, even 
have that glow  in your face.This may take sometime  to show. It could serve as a measure of
your progress.


Energy field that is invisible to the human eye is all around us. Science has proven this. The best
you can do is to be aware of these external forces  in the environment that is present yet invisible. 
There are simple steps to protect your energy from being absorbed by another, which could result 
in physical, emotional or mental imbalance.Arenít there times when you feel drained after listening 
to the tales of woe of another? What do you do when you start to feel  uncomfortable? Sometimes 
you wonder how did you get sucked into something you donít care about? 

What about those sudden grips of anxiety? These are  samples of intrusion into your energy field. 
Some refer to these fields as Auric field, the Aura .Continued 
exposure is not healthy,it is draining, and yet, simple enough to deal with.


Exercise, fresh air, meditation, good nutrition  and personal hygiene.This sets you off to 
a good start. For those who are engaged in healing, counselling and like professions, it is 
easy to get entangled in clientsí problems. Protection is important to maintain positive emotional 
objectivity. Protect yourself, cleanse the energy field before and after a session.
Today, there are all kinds of tools in the market-  add to above aroma therapy, herbal and oil 
essence,  music, candle power, just to name a few.

This is a common Native American tradition. It is the practise of using smoke and fragrance 
of various herbs to "cleanse: the atmosphere of negative energies. Fragrances, be it 
essential oils  or incense strongly affect the aura and energies of  emotional and mental nature. 
This method provides a high energy vibration, effective protection and dispels surrounding
negative energies.
 i. Sage and sweet grass combination is common.
ii. Incense
iii. Oils and other essence
iv.Crystals or stones
Crystals are charged with their own electrical energy. 

Crystals are gaining popularity in todayís New Age society. They have been around long before 
man, and it is also believed that they possess powers, thanks to the residing Deva in them. 
Crystals are used in vibrational healing, for protection and inspiration, not to mention their use 
in technology. They can be programmed and dedicated for the purpose of protection.

i. Hold a small quartz crystal in your hand; this increases the auric field.
ii.  Double terminated quartz crystal are known to be effective. Hold one in bothhands at your 
     solar plexus, relax and visualize the energy of the crystal pour to you.
iii. Carry a pouch of selected crystals to heal you and protect you.
iv. Program a crystal to protect your surroundings period

This is a visualization exercise for cleansing  and purifying the entire auric field.
It is very helpful for one who has had a bad day, when you interacted with a lot of
people and you are beginning to feel drained. It is good to release all the unwanted 
energies accumulated through the day.

This exercise helps sweep out energy debris,  preventing it from accumulating and 
thereby creating imbalance.
Steps: This is a guideline;you can modify to  suit your style.
i. Sit down comfortably, do some breathing exercise.The protection of the white 
  light or under the waterfall. Lastly, always remember to ground, cleanse,open 
  and  close your channels before and after psychic work.