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Looking Back To Move Forward
by Bonnie Moss(c) 2006-01

Another year is over. Take a moment to reflect on the past years. Start with an honest
evaluation of your accomplishments, successes and failures.

Welcome the new year with a celebration of the past. Whatever challenges you faced last
year, you are here to face another year. You are inspired and ready to tackle new 
endeavours, explore new horizons and reach for the stars.
Looking back helps to evaluate what worked and what didnít. Some issues seem to be
replayed over and over. How many years has it been that youíve promised to be more 
vigilant about your diet and exercise? What about the overuse of your credit card? How do 
you manage your time? What is it going to be this year?  What are your priorities?

Itís all a matter of perspective. Somewhere in the past, you stumbled and for a while, 
you were spinning your wheels. Take heart, that is past. There is a deep well of 
strength and courage within you. And you moved on.

No one passes through this life without knowing pain and heartache. Add to this
regret over lost opportunities, wrong choices and wrong decisions.These do not
define your life. It is the lessons learned from these, and the determination to do 
better. Reap the nuggets of precious insights from the muddle and move on.

How well do you take care of your mental, physical and spiritual self?  If you believe
in taking care of your mental and spiritual well-being, your physical health will
definitely reap the benefits. Do you allow yourself time alone to enjoy peace and quiet?
Have you learned to say NO. Do you take time to appreciate the beauty , the bounty 
and the blessings of the universe?

Stress is the scourge of living in the fast lane and getting caught up in the pursuit 
of material success. Consider seriously the level of your stress over the past 
years and how it affects your health. Think about this- your stress level impacts 
on your relationships,your career, your family and your whole life. 

Some pursue elusive dreams. How long has it been? Ask yourself. Perhaps itís time 
to re-assess that dream. Times change. There are other avenues to pursue. Donít 
get stuck chasing after something that loses its value, its luster as time moves on. 
Donít let life pass you by.

Look back honestly, but kindly. And move on.All the best to all for this year.


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