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To be or not to be , this was Hamlet's dilemma. Shakepeare waxed peotic over 
indecision.Today, it is elevated to a science. Some people who have a problem 
with making decisions are referred to specialists, be diagnosed with some underlying 
medical condition. Decision makers are paid top dollars for their ability or is it capability?
Read on!  excerpt from: 
Overcoming Indecision by Theodore Isaac Rubin
Arrange priorities in our lives, strengthen our  belief in ourselves, start with self-evaluation.

Indecisiveness- jumping from one option to another points to underlying notion that no option
 can be good.

Global Blockers to Decision Making:
Losing touch with feelings.

Resignation- avoidance of anxiety from potential  conflict or shunning the whole thing 
so as not to be pulled apart. Having no priorities or being out of touch with  what is and 
what isn't important in one's life. Lack of confidence or poor self esteem. Hopelessness, 
depression, severe anxiety.

Unrealistic image of self or self-idealization. Self-erasing, inappropriate dependency on 
others and the obsessive need to be liked. Obsessive quest for applause and mastery.
Dom Perignon Syndrome- perfectionism and  wanting it all.

Sustaining the chronic belief that something better  will come along; yearning for what isn't ,
while demeaning what is. 

Wishful thinking.
Nothing ever compares to what exists only in the imagination-that which exists in the 
imagination does not exist at all.

Fear in generating self-hate in anticipation of  a bad choice.

Coulda, woulda, shoulda-chonic self-hate from being swamped with tyrannical demands on self.

Option blindness.
Time pressure distortion and panic, the illusion that there is not enough time.

Impaired judgment.
Lack of inner integration or the/Chairman is Missing syndrome.
Severe disorganization

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