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Personal Will and the Solar Chakra
by Bonnie Moss (c) 2012 Aug

Personal power is subtle. It is about feeing confident about who 
and what you are. There is a positive and negative personal power 
inherent in all of us. Working with the solar plexus chakra opens 
up the positive qualities of strength, self-confidence, self-esteem, 
a healthy way of being self-assertive. Positive personal power 
paves the way for a healthy and loving relationship with family, 
friends and associates. It is a way to achieve goals through being 
self-assured, a way to be the master of oneself. A positive state
 of personal power becomes a state of the mind, an attitude.

This healthy state of personal power is not about an attempt to 
be always in control of a situation or of others. This development 
of personal power is not about the ability to master the manipulation 
of others. When you work successfully with the solar plexus chakra, 
it opens up competence, positive personal qualities, a gift of vision 
that radiates generosity, kindness and warmth to the  world. It helps 
you to manifest your world. Issues of fear, rejection, trust and 
self-image are dealt with in this chakra, the center for action, 
energy and self-power.

 The solar plexus chakra, Manipura in sanskrit

This is the third chakra, also referred to as the inner sun, a light
 within that radiates through your personality. It is also referred 
to as the celiac plexus . It is a complex set of  radiating nerve fibers , 
or plexus. This chakra is linked to the stomach, abdomen, upper 
GI(gastro-intestinal) tract, liver, gallbladder, pancreas, kidney, 
spleen, adrenal glands and the middle spine.It is linked to the 
structure of the metabolic system. It is located  about two inches 
above the navel and the edge of the ribcage.

We absorb the solar energy, this makes exposure to the sun 
very important and healthy for this chakra. It is believed that solar 
energy nurtures the etheric body and helps to maintain a healthy 
physical state as it radiates positive emotional flow of energy.

The solar plexus is very much linked to the soul. Therefore, if this 
chakra is kept pure and open ,you will be more in touch with your 
true feelings and self. Our emotions, magnifying the pure desire of 
the Higher Self, are intended to amplify the soul and the potential 
of the soul.

Chakras are more than spinning, vibrating wheels of energy. Chakras 
are energy patterns with specific locations in the body. Each location 
corresponds to the unique aspect of our being in a spiritual sense. 
Each chakra has its realm of consciousness. 

This chakra clearly proves the two separate stems of emotion- love 
and hate.LOVE- it is the emotion of attraction and integrates the 
universal energy called love, peace and calmness.HATE- the stem 
of repulsion, causing pain and discord, disintegrates the universal 
energy into hate.

Lorraine Michaels : shangrala.org writes:
The solar plexus and the throat are corresponding chakras, and 
when in harmony, the energies of both converge in the heart for 
peaceful and loving communication. When one or the other is in 
disharmony, both chakras are involved. Many of our emotions are 
expressed through these two chakras. You will notice that under 
normal circumstances, when people are expressing  feelings of
love, kindness or any other positive emotion, they usually speak 
in a quiet and resonant tone. When agitated, the pitch and 
volume goes up indicating  anger or anxiety.

Meditation  for the Solar Plexus:
Visualize  the great sun disc over your solar plexus as a large 
round shield of heavy armour reflecting in all directions the dazzling 
light of the great central sun. Accept that your solar plexus is a 
miniature sun of the great central.


There is so much to learn about the chakras. It is my hope that by introducing the chakras separately, the reader would be inspired to learn more about chakras. A good understanding of the function of each chakra is a good background when you feel you are ready to incorporate chakra balancing and meditation in your life.
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