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Attitude of Gratitude
Bonnie Moss (c) 2007-10

There is always something in this life to be thankful 
for at the end of the day; as well as something to 
look forward to at the dawn of each new day. 

For many years now, I start and end my day with 
prayers of gratitude. The sun does not always shine. 
Life does not hum all the time. But it does not mean 
that the melody is lost or gone.

It does not matter that some days,things don't work 
out as planned. Focus on what worked, what went well, 
no matter how simple it was. A cluttered mind has a 
bad habit of magnifying issues, rehashing the unpleasant 
and dwelling on the negative.

Remember that thought is energy. Negative thoughts 
project powerful negative energy around you. Don't 
let this negative energy gain momentum.
It only takes a few minutes to say a brief prayer 
of gratitude each day. Upon waking, start with a brief 
prayer of gratitude for another day. Never start the 
day with thoughts of things that can go wrong. Express 
your gratitude deep from your heart. These few 
minutes help to bring focus on what needs to be done.
Taking a few moments to say a prayer of gratitude brings
calmness, makes panic recede to oblivion. It helps 
to keep you in the present moment. It gives that inner 
strength to carry on amid uncertain times.

It makes you appreciate the little things, like a 
neighbor leaving a plate of cookies, or a telephone 
call to ask how things are, a bouquet of flowers 
from a friend's garden and more.These are things to be 
thankful for at the end of the day.Simple things bring a 
ray of sunshine to a cloudy day.Put a smile on your face 
with happy thoughts.

An attitude of gratitude gives you a feeling of 
confidence that challenges that come your way are 
manageable. It brings about calmness and inner peace. 
It encourages a more positive outlook on life.It makes
you appreciate what Life has to offer. 

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