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Reflections in Retirement
Bonnie Moss (c) 09-2005

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September 16,2005

In retirement life is about simplicity. So many times I go through periods of uncertainty, questioning where do I go from here? I do this a lot since my retirement. I don't remember asking the question: what is my purpose here on earth when I was busy with career, had an active social life, travel and family.

I always gave ME time to do arts and crafts,read the books I love, take courses that appealed to me- like flower arranging,yoga, two winters learning French, took up bartending and others. Not to mention refresher courses required for my career.

Getting close to retirement years, I started to wonder what the years ahead will bring. Thus, the question, where do I go from here.Retirement finds me busier than ever.Retirement allows me the time to be conscious of the path that was elusive when my world was too cluttered. I know I've always treaded on the path,albeit slowly and with too many detours.

I've learned to be more in touch with my spirit.I know I am blessed with Nature's beauty that surrounds me- all the elements are in harmony, the wind, the water,earth and fire and spirit.

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I am more aware of the pulse of life, of this earth,the trees, the birds, the chipmunks, the squirrels, the deer that ate my plants last July. Yes, it's a wonderful feeling, exhilarating to smell the freshness of the air, the sweet scent of flowers,or even freshly cut grass.

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I listen to the waves crushing on the rocks at night, or enjoy watching the gentle ripples and the dancing diamonds glitter on the lake, flirting merrily with the sun. I feel the wind on my face, envigorating and refreshing. When it roars, I quietly ask it to spare the trees that surround my house, instead, blow away my cares, all the negative vibrations that creep up on me.

I sit under a tree with the morning sun at my back,my feet solid on the ground as I connect with Mother Earth and thank her for all her blessings,ask for pardon for any transgressions against her on my turf, by me or by others.These are life's simple summer pleasures for me. serene

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