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Dark and Stormy Nights
by Bonnie Moss 2006 01

Dark nights in the Fall and Winter give
me the jitters.High winds and a dark night
scares me.

Of course, the night is always dark when 
storm brews. But with no hydro,there is 
no power.It feels darker than it should,
especially after midnight.

The place is lit up with candles, the smell 
of incense pervades the air. It is quiet, 
too quiet inside. This makes the sounds
from outside seem louder. 

Night time is a good time for me to write,
or meditate or just sit in front of the
fire in quiet contemplation. But not when 
the wind is howling, and windows are rattling 
madly.Add to that the noise of the waves 
beating furiously against the rocks. In
the winter, I can hear the sound of the 
ice breaking from the waves underneath.It
lets out a loud boom as the pressure 
produces a crack.

I swear I can feel the house shaking as 
well.I ask myself what scares me silly? 
It is a dark night- there is nothing in 
the dark that was not there in daylight.

Perhaps the fact that we are isolated at 
this time of the year- all the cottages 
are closed for winter. That should not 
matter- we keep to ourselves.

I am mobile, I can get out in an emergency. 
I make sure the flashlights are working.I 
have my cell phone operational.So, what
scares me?

I try to seek out ghosts- I can feel their 
presence, but I�ve never seen any ghosts 
except in my dreams.My place is surrounded 
by trees- an oak tree stands protectively 
in front of my main deck where the main
entrance door is. Beside it is a birch tree
and a willow tree.This is on the lake front,
facing west. There are a variety of pines
along the walkway on the north side. And 
more pines dot the long driveway.

Never Inn is nestled quite comfortably and 
peacefully amid a variety of pine trees.that
found a way to prosper amid  rocks and boulders 
that form a hill on the northeast side. The
southside and the west part of Never Inn faces
the lake.

Some of my guests claim they see or feel a 
presence. I tease them that it�s a welcome
gesture from the guardian of Never Inn.
Friends tell me there has got to be spirits
around. Elementals- some say; I prefer to
call them  Nature Spirits. I tell friends I
communicate with these spirits. I seek their
assistance and inspiration when I do my 
gardening.Why do you think I get these
chores done almost without too much effort? 
I ask.

In the winter, I seek their help when I have 
to clear snow or ice off the walkway and 
the deck. Add to this, bringing in firewood.

Last Fall, the fellow who promised to come 
and stack up the wood never showed up. I 
was stupid to have the wood dropped in the
driveway, as was the request of the fellow 
who never came.So, I had to do it myself.I 
was concerned because of a shoulder problem 
that I was afraid to aggravate with all the 
lifting. But- I asked for help from the angels
and the helpful spirits around. I am sure 
they came to my aid. Stacking up the two 
full cords of wood, was a breeze. I got it
done in record time much to the surprise 
of Eric.

Stormy and dark nights bring out an eerie
feeling, makes the unknown felt.It is
foreboding! It makes my imagination run 
wild with nothing pleasant. I can�t 
concentrate on anything. I sit and listen 
to the deafening sound of silence in the dark. 

It is a time I don't want to communicate
much less feel any presence, friendly or 
otherwise. However, these are the conditions 
conducive to bringing them out, as the 
veil gets thinner late into the night.

Oh for  daylight to come!

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