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 The Language of Tarot
The Language of Tarot

by Bonnie Moss(c) 2002

So much is the interest in Tarot towards the end of last century.It seems that everyday, 
a new Tarot deck is being presented .There are as many Tarot decks as there are 
interpretations. It is known that the Gypsies used Tarot for fortune telling, period The 
symbolism of the Tarot has attracted Occultists, Alchemist,Kabbalists, in our modern times, 
Carl Jung, Joseph Campbell ( to name a few) have devoted time to study the Symbology 
that lies deep within the Tarot.

It is not my intention to go in-depth in the presentation of the Tarot.The language of the Tarot 
is Universal.To me, Tarot transcends all barriers; it does not recognize race, color,creed, 
political or socio-economic status, intellectual ability or  education It is above that, as a reader, 
I consider myself blessed with the gift to help a person look within, think positive, realize that 
problems may be stepping stones to opportunity and/or transformation, a blessing in disguise.

There is no room for bias nor prejudice- how could anyone interpret responsibly when the 
essence of the soul/spirit, connection with the Universal Power is lacking? How could one find 
peace within when one is seething with anger and resentment? With no peace within, there is 
no peace without. AS ABOVE, SO BELOW.

I learn from my readings, it helps me grow along the spiritual path. I have found the meaning of 
unconditional love, with much difficulty, I must admit.Anger and highly wired emotions are powerful, 
but very negative energies. It leaves you no peace, within, and without. We are all entitled to our 
beliefs, it is private and personal, I respect that, so long as they do not try to convert me to their 
way of thinking. To me, it embodies the freedom of statement, to speak one's mind. The Tarot is 
helpful- just using the Majors in my moments of crisis inspires me to keep on going, surrender my 
cares and anger to the universe, and let life flow. 

May you find a way to let Life flow for you, that you direct your energies to the positive side.
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