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Disappointment.So much a part of life. Some are more difficult to deal with than others. Some are rehashed over and over and over. Disappointment can hit you when you least expect it. You feel let down, it makes you angry.

It can visit you in every facet of life- relationships, career, hobbies, finances, endeavours. Name it and disappointment can come along and cast a very dark cloud. Disappointment hangs around every corner,waiting at every turn, merrily drifting with the clouds, lurking with the shadows under a full moon, or glistening brightly under the warm and glaring sun, riding the waves of a lake, or wafting with the gentle breeze.

At times, you can be staring disappointment in the face of someone you love dearly. The most serious disappointment is when you are the source.But cheer up, you are not alone.On occasion,we all feel we've let ourselves down. No matter how hard you try to remain positive, there are moments when the power of a disappointment is overwhelming.A positive outlook helps to minimize the blow. It does not allow the disappointment to envelop the heart and soul.

Disappointment is like a very strong wind, at times destructive, but it blows itself away, albeit leaving a mess behind, some tidying up to do and unpleasant memories that can linger for a while.

On the Material Side

Disappointment on the material side of life is easy to recover from. With clear resolve , resourcefulness, determination and at times luck, you can get over your disappointment. You know you need to move on and learn what you can from the episode.

Change is part of life, sometimes disappointment can be an opportunity to accept the change and rediscover a different world with a different outlook, for the better hopefully.

Disappointment can leave a scar, a bitter memory.Deal with these, and kiss the disappointment goodbye. Donít let it drag your spirit down, for it will if you let it. Most importantly, remember the lessons. Do not leave any room for guilt or regret. Keep an open mind. Find the nuggets of wisdom a disappointment can bring.

The difficulties and problems in this life is what builds character, opportunities that strengthen the soul, the spirit.

On the Emotional Side

Disappointment with emotional entanglements are more difficult to get over. There is anger, there is insecurity, it raises doubts, it opens up old wounds, make them fresh again, even if these wounds are supposed to buried deep, very deep and almost remote in oneís massive memory bank.

What can you do? They say, grin and bear it, it shall come to pass. For how long? Are you anticipating the next time? Do you just roll over and say,do it again ? Do not open the avenue for disappointment. Try not to set yourself up for disappointment. Do not hope for something unattainable that can lead to disappointment.

At times, you feel the pains of a disappointment,perhaps the source of it has long forgotten about it. So why torture yourself?

Disappointment is part of life, it will come, but you can let it go.

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