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The Masks We Wear
by Bonnie Moss (c) 2010 Aug


We all wear a mask at one time or another. Conflicting needs, desires, values, beliefs, way of life and way of thinking at times demand a different approach. We have to understand that there are different personas within each of us.

There is a mask for every occasion or situation. Don’t we all have some masks hanging in the closet? We wear a mask of coldness, especially when we are mad at someone. This mask comes in handy in antagonistic times. It comes off after the conflict or issue is settled. Some wear the mask of affluence. This is a very common mask we all wear at times. However, there are those who get carried away. They start to judge others by their outer appearance and fail to see the inner person. This truly defines a mask. Those who wear this mask don't recognize the folly of this. They carry on with life as if the only thing that matters is defined by physical appeareances- their persona, the vehicles they drive, a picture perfect home and their material belongings and pursuits. There is nothing wrong with this way of life so long as this is not the basis of what Life is. So long as you do not start to look down on anyone with simpler way of Life. Some refer to this mask as being plastic.

Some can see through the masks we wear or the masks we hide behind. A mask of friendliness can be a vicious one. It is one thing to extend a helping hand to someone in need, yet another to foster a meaningless friendship – a relationship that will only last till the first disagreement. Don't wear a mask of friendship when all you can offer is a nodding acquaintance, or someone can be useful- for a while. There are many who understand and treasure the word “ friendship.” Some wear the mask of knowledge and flaunt it. In reality, they do not understand the essence of whatever it is they profess to know. Knowledge of a subject goes deeper than the words that describe it. There is truth. There is essence. There is a message. There is a mask of strength and courage when the situation demands it- even though we are literally shaking in our boots. Someone depends on us to show that strength, to muster that courage in the face of difficult times. Or does this strength define character? It is not a mask, but the real person. John Milton wrote: Of all the evil, hypocrisy walks invisible. Of the many masks we wear, where does hypocrisy hide?

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