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B Flores Moss (c) 2013 January

loneliness it is the emptiness of a room that can not be filled with music, laughter, wine nor ecstacy. the cold wind that blows out the flickering light. a shadow of the past that comes hauntingly on those cold and rainy nights. it is the cruel flashes of painful memories,of dreams that could have been. loneliness is a cheat. it opens wide the portals of tantalizing, exciting temptation, happily offering an escape in the bottle or solace in the arms of ecstacy only to leave one deeper in misery.

it is the deafening silence of the night, the frightening wind of a stormy weather, the echo of footsteps along isolated corridors or lonely streets. loneliness is a haunting melody that vibrates through the whole being, in waking hours, in sleep, in dreams. it is a long stairway to meditation, strewn with pieces of broken dreams. rising and disappearing with each smoke ring are forgotten promises, of hopes, of a life that could have been. it is the yellow streak of jealousy that knits the heart in misery and pain. the blank stare at the ceiling, at the far horizon and vast nothingness. loneliness is a fatal blow of frustration, a rebel in crowded places, amid laughter and song, leaves the eyes always searching, searching.. Loneliness... you are so much a part of life. Who has not known your cold embrace.

Moon photo,courtesy of flickie.com Lonely avenue photo- red bubble.com
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