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A Moment Can Change A Life
Bonnie Moss 2006-04
A  fleeting moment can change your life.

Christopher Reeves had everything going for him- fame, fortune and best of all a loving
wife and son. Enjoying his favorite sport, he fell off his horse. In a split second, 
his whole life changed! He is not alone. 

In a moment, all dreams can be quashed.

A young man, full of promise gets into an industrial accident. It left him a quadraplegic.
With a young family and the first baby on the way,how does he feel?

There are those who take a severe stroke leaving them with physical disability and rob them 
of their mobility. They suffer the loss of their independence, some are also left unable to talk for 
the rest of their lives. There goes most of their dreams. Life will never be the same.

Some suffer severe financial loss and see everything they worked for taken away from 
them and there is nothing they can do. 

Think of the victims of the tsunami and Katrina. Many are making an effort to rebuild their
lives-but will it ever be the same? On the bright side of a winning moment- a big time win from 
the lottery or gaming table also spells a major change in one's life. Many winners go through a 
major change in their lives.

There is an upside. There are the few lucky ones who find strength in their illness and
disabilities, major financial setbacks, calamities and crimes of violence. Amid the
darkness and pain, they find a new meaning to Life. With courage, perseverance and a 
strong spirit, they win their battles.They become pillars in their communities.

Christopher Reeves spent the rest of his years as a quaraplegic to champion the cause of 
spinal cord injury.  His disability never stopped him.

An illness, an accident, natural calamities, financial loss, violence and loss of a loved 
one are realities of our world. Many of us think it will not happen to us, but it can.

Live for today. No one knows what tomorrow brings.

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