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 Heirarchy of Angels

How to Contact Your Guardian Angel
Bonnie Moss

There are times it would be nice to talk to your guardian angel on a first name basis. You wish to find out the name of your angel? There are many ways. For those interested, here's some information for you:

Preparation to be most receptive and intuitive:

1.Fast for 24 hours: 24 hour purification - abstain from certain activities,(like sex)minimal intake of addictive and stimulating beverage, spicy foods, and meat.. This is to calm down the nervous and energetic circuit.

2. Write down all the consonants in separate pieces of paper, or little square cards- if you have a scrabble set,the alphabets are ideal.

3. Place the pieces of paper in a bag, preferably a cloth bag

4. Light a white candle, burn some incense, frankincense is recommended, use copal or myrrh as substitute.

5. Center yourself: do some grounding, then get centered. State your intention, as in a prayer

This petition is from a book- you can write your own:

Dear Divine Angel who has alway been my protector, guide and ally,

Please guide me to draw the letters that spell your Holy name

So that I may write it upon my heart and honor you as the friend

that you are When I call your name,

please be with me And show me so I can clearly see

The path of light and love

6. Take a letter from the bag, write it down on blank paper

7. Return the paper into the bag, shake the bag, take another letter.Repeat till you have three or four letters, write done in the order of picking

8. Let your higher self guide you as to how many to draw.

9. Now you have the letters- at the end add the letters EL.1

10. Example: Add whatever vowels feel right for you

Example: you draw: M D R add el thus you have M D R EL ,fill in the vowels that feel right to you.

11. Seems irrational but this is trusting a higher power, or your angel to guide you till you find the vowels that sound right to you to make up the name. Most angel names end in EL


This is from the Book of Angels by Francis Melville.Several ways of contacting your angels can be found on different sites on the web. This prayer is simple and the method is simple.
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