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Goodbye, Sis

To Gi, with love....

              Life is but a line from the cradle to the grave.

Never can anyone express the deep sadness at the death of a loved one. 

You lived your life on your terms.You faced Death on your terms as well. Having your loved 
ones around you, who hoped against hope, prayed for Divine intervention with heavy hearts 
to the last minute mattered the most. You know in their heart of hearts, they would not want 
to see you suffer, yet want to hold on to you for as long as possible. 

I wished I could be there to say my last farewell. You know I would. I take comfort knowing that 
in your last days here on earth, you are surrounded with tender love and respect.The heaviness 
in the hearts of everyone coming to say their final goodbye comes from the feeling of deep loss 
of someone who touched their lives and shared precious moments of perhaps laughter and tears. 
Death brings an element of peaceful reconciliation. Death has a strange way of bringing people 
together, in the spirit of peace, respect, compassion with no judgment, no demands, no expectations. 
I would really have found comfort with these calming vibrations as family, friends and neighbors 
come together to say a final goodbye. 

    The Life of the dead is placed in the memory of the living...Marcus Tulius Cicero

Life on earth is but a portal to eternal Life. I have said farewell to many loved ones, believe me, 
dear sister, it does not get easier. Being so far away, (I do feel the distance during these last 
few days) I could only take the time to reflect on what we shared together - us five sisters. Three 
of you are gone.Thousands of miles separated us, we are different, yet the same. We shared a 
sisterhood that would not be easy to comprehend.

We are complicated, no doubt. Amid discord, conflict and ego, the bond that tied us required no 
pages upon pages of letters begging for forgiveness or apology or explanation. We weathered many 
storms amongst us sisters, powerful ones that would have ripped us apart as sisters. We went 
through years without a word spoken, knowing not how life was treating anyone of us. Did we care? 
Of course we did, and we suffered in silence. We agonized, but pretended nothing mattered. Who 
were we trying to fool? Ourselves. 

All it took was a phone call, a letter, a birthday or Christmas card, a small gift, a bouquet of 
flowers- miraculously, we pick up where we left off. No explanations required. Our cruel, complicated  
and strong hearts yet sensitive and caring jumped for joy. We did not need to hang around when 
one is sick, although we knew enough  to be “there” at the right time. Others may misconstrue this 
as uncaring, they have no idea their judgment is way off. Through all the odds, ultimately, our 
sisterhood came from a place of  love, understanding with no judgment and no expectations. When 
Life took us on an unpleasant detour, there is always a sister ready to take  your hand, and the
other sisters followed - no questions asked.

It is said, we mellow with age- so did our sisterhood . The ties that bind us in sisterhood got stronger 
as years passed by. We shared each others pain, we rejoiced at each others success. In our hearts, 
we prayed that Life bestow upon us love, peace and happiness. Many memories we shared, as well 
as laughter and tears, the good times and the bad, our hearts were as one.

   Love is stronger than death even though it can't stop death from happening. But no matter how hard 
death tries, it can't separate people from love. It can't take away our memories either. In the end, Life is 
stronger than Death....Anonymous

We are who we are. We accepted this.With our many faults, we are blessed with good and enduring 
hearts that saw beyond the human frailty. Thank you for being my sister. You are gone, life goes on for 
those of us left behind. You will always be in my heart. 

Till we meet again in another realm. For now, goodbye, dear sister.