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In Memory of a Friend
My Friend Abe
Bonnie Moss 2007-01


Time comes when we say goodbye to those we love, to this world and to everything we treasure. Death is a time to reflect on how one lived. My friend Abe passed away on January 22,2007. Abe loved life. I was sure he was in his glory to see family and friends gathered around him to share precious moments for the last time. The atmosphere was not melancholic, but warm. Memories were shared. I can see him dancing- with that silly grin of his. Yes, he loved to dance despite a bad knee,or was it both knees? Abe may not be aware that he practised unconditional love. In his world,no one gave a thought to the meaning of unconditional love. It was there for him to share, to give. He loved his family and friends in unassuming way without expecting anything in return. His heart, his house was open at anytime to family and friends. In retrospect, Abe proved how easy it is to practise the law of attraction and how to manifest dreams, bring them to reality. He was not in the category of big time earners. He suffered an accident at work that took its toll on his health.It was a minor inconvenience he lived through graciously. This did not stop him from nurturing dreams of a bright future for his children, Derek, Sarah and Cyril. He took pride in the promising careers of his children. He was full of ideas. Together with his wife Paz, they pursued their dreams, lived life around the realization of these dreams. I can't remember him pondering on the negative things in life. He always saw possibilities with a shared determination with his wife. Abe lived life the way it should be: with optimism, definitely with a positive attitude, lots of cheers and laughter.Let go of the negative blocks that hinder realization of what is possible. He proved that opportunities came disguised as problems or stumbling blocks.Believe in your dreams, have faith in your dreams so you can manifest them to reality. And most of all, let unconditional love reign supreme. With my prayers and thoughts... Bonnie Moss