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When I Grow Too Old to Dream
(c) 2007-04

My father loved singing this song to my mother. He was an incurable romantic, he always ended with the words: Your place will be in my heart. He was well on to his seventies. Now that I am enjoying my retirement years, I finally understand the words,the deeper meaning to the words: when I grow too old to dream.

There is no lack of information when it comes to defying age and aging. The adage Life Begins at Forty, now reads Life Begins at 60 and keeps on moving beyond.The threat of wrinkles is no l onger intimidating. Thanks to technology and the science of cosmetic surgery. This is no longer the sole domain of the female group- men have joined in!

The bar to health consciousness is raised ever higher. Exercise, proper nutrition choices, a holistic approach to life all lead to a healthy lifestyle and hopefully, a desirable quality of life as one gets older. But- aging will catch up with us, one way or another, despite the advances in medicine and medical technology.

Then what? With getting old comes the aches and pains that tend to slow or hinder mobility. The senses tend to get dull hearing is not as sharp, the eyes don't see as clearly, the sense of touch can be impaired, the taste buds and sense of smell slows down as well.

There are some that are lucky enough to walk down the road of getting older without much inconvenience brought on by physical/ medical issues. Although, memories of years gone by, or faded photographs are known to help the elderly suffering from some memory loss. but- for a s long as the memory serves one well, there will be many walks down memory lane. Time is no longer in short supply. Most likely, memories remembered are pleasant, cheerful, reminders of happy times.

Some memories are priceless. It is an added comfort to feel the closeness of a loved one while recalling re-runs of years gone by. There will be special memories to warm heart and soul.

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