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Tarot Day in Canada
Celebrate Tarot Day in Canada June 21,2013

 by Cheryl Lynne Bradley
We are inviting everyone to join us in a virtual celebration to honour the hardworking 
tarot readers, writers, collectors and enthusiasts from coast to coast to coast in Canada. 
Tarot is to share all/Tarot est partager tout is the theme of our celebration. The people 
who embrace Tarot in their lives have done so for many and varied reasons. For some, 
Tarot is how we make our living and it is a difficult; there are no pension plans or homes 
for retired Tarot readers.  For many others Tarot is a path to personal growth, spirituality 
and healing of the wounds of the embodied soul. Tarot is a universal language, an art form, 
a system of meaning, a system of divination and a deep well of both wisdom and inspiration. 
       Tarot for some is a very public journey  and it can be misunderstood and misconstrued. 
For a great many people, Tarot is a very private journey seeking peace of mind, deeper 
understanding of soul, a closer relationship with God, however you may conceive that to be, 
and an embrace of personal spirituality. Whatever Tarot may, or may not be to you, please 
take a moment on June 21 to honour the ladies and gentlemen of Tarot who give so selflessly 
of themselves to help others in a world that is increasingly busy, businesslike and focused on 
status not substance.