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There is a River
by Bonnie Moss (c) October, 2012


There is a river... It is long and winding. Beware of the deeper part. Somedays, it flows smoothly, soothing and refreshing. In stormy weather,wildly it roars, waves beating madly against the rocks, come on- it tells the storm, take me on. It is a river full of memories, if only it can write its tales - of lovers immersed in love and laughter, of childhood days cavorting in the water, of cheers and dares while basking in the sun with secrets told and promises shared till eternity. of a solitary figure, content to watch the river flow, lost in thoughts, perhaps of days gone by, when life was in its glory. Fond memories flow with the river, reflections of beauty, shimmering diamonds on a sunny day. A delight to behold and soothing. So much more does the river hold- of unspoken pain, of silent tears, of broken dreams and forgotten promises. It is inviting- come on, take a dip, wash away your melancholy . Let me take your pain, your regrets away. I am here- a river that will flow a little while more, with me, time is eternal.

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