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Have a Peaceful Day!

by Bonnie Moss (c) 2007-09

Amid the clutter in our minds and demands on our time, it is important
to learn how to have peace in our lives.

Where to start?
First thing in the morning, the world is fresh and bright. So is the mind.Take a
few minutes and listen, listen to the sound of silence. It’s very quiet. Feel energized
as you breathe in peace and serenity.

The world around you is quiet. Free your mind of clutter. Feel the peace a quiet mind 
offers. Savor the moment and soak up the peace before you face the rest of your world.

Try hard to stay away from hurtful memories.Do not let these invade your thoughts 
as you go to sleep. 

Regurgitating over these do not serve any purpose except to open up old wounds. It 
hinders the process of healing. It leaves you no peace.

Learn to listen. We all need to listen- listen to the wind, to the sound of silence, to the 
sounds of nature, listen to your heart. Listen attentively and you will hear the words 
in between the lines, hear the unspoken words and helps you to understand deeper those 
you love .

Enjoy the beauty of Nature, be thankful for the blessings of the Universe. Greet each one 
you meet with peace, uttered quietly. Stop thinking of the shortfalls of life. This is all in 
the mind. This is a negative energy that can get magnified in your mind. It serves 
no purpose.

You survived the many, many forms of trials. Know that you are a winner!!

You got over a lot of deep pain, worked out your self- doubt and insecurities and fears. 
You managed to move on. You are thankful. Adopt an attitude of gratitude as you face 
another day in this world, in this life. Appreciate all the gifts of this life-the food on your 
table, a roof over your head, family and friends, your children, your health and many more.
Do not take these for granted. 

Think of what you have, not what you don't have. What is there to complain about?. 

Energy boost

Energy is what keeps you going. It is difficult to move through the day with low energy.
Stress drains energy. Worry drains energy. Guilt drains energy. Anger drains energy.
Disorganization drains energy. Negative people with negative attitude drains energy.
Clutter zaps energy. Keep out of reach of these energy “drainers”.

Personal power:
Walk with confidence, be clear about who you are. Acknowledge your accomplishments, 
learn from your mistakes, recognize your limitations. Don't forget to count your blessings.
Have a peaceful day!

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