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The Gift of Time
Bonnie Moss 2006-09

Time is eternal. It is in abundant supply, yet, there never seem to be enough of it. Time is precious, but oh,how we squander time on our hands. Time flies, we ask ourselves, where does time go? The clock ticks away and so does our heartbeats as we forge ahead to beat the clock. For some, the 24 hours of a day are not enough to allow them to meet all those commitments that demand time, precious time. People to meet, places to go, things to do and not enough time to do it all!

Thus the word quality time has evolved. Do we really understand what it means? We share a few minutes or hours with those we love, we call it quality time. Is this supposed to fill in the wide gaps of time away from them? Does this ensure freedom from guilt as we merrily or hurriedly go on from project to project? Short and sweet takes on a new meaning- at times this is all there is to share. Distance is great impediment to keep families in close touch.

Celebrations come and go, some family members or close friends will always be absent. They donít have the time to come and share in a celebration. But, technology offers a variety of options to keep in touch with anyone, especially those we profess to love. Many of us have forgotten the wonder of the written word- a letter or a card in the mail can bring a smile, tender memories or feelings of joy for the recipient.

But who writes letters these days? How much time does it take to call someone just to keep in touch? Time is a gift many of us forget its value. In the midst of a busy life, it is difficult to find the time to give to anyone but the very immediate family. Even with this limited circle, time can be in very short supply.

Stop a moment and reflect on this. Where and how do we spend our time that justifies the lack of it to share with those we love or care for? The world will not fall apart if you take some time to be with those you love. Your business, your career, your hobby, your social life and other commitments that demand part of your time certainly canít take priority over your loved ones.Not all the time.

Time can be budgeted- for those who are too busy to stop and think of where their day goes. How one spends time can be analyzed in order to make more time for the important issues in life. Remember, years will pass by, lifestyles can change and health becomes a concern at one point,mobility can be moderately challenged. It can happen to many of us!

At certain stages in life, material gifts do not matter. A child would rather have the presence of Mom and Dad at school functions or other activities.It gives that re-assurance that they really care.These memories will be cherished for a long time. An expensive gift clearly spells guilt and can not fill in a void nor smooth out feelings of resentment and disappointment.

As we get older, gifts do not have the lustre they once had. Tastes and circumstances change. Time becomes a very dominant part of life at this stage. Precious time shared leaves a feeling of being loved, a thoughtful gesture that warms a lonely heart.

A gift of time can be one of the most precious gift anyone can share; time that can brighten up oneís life even just for a brief moment. It leaves memories that will last till the next time.

A gift of precious time can mean a lot.

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