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Scrying Ball Against Depression

by Guinevra 2003-4

I am not sure it will work for all, but for myself and my partner it works well. As a preface, 
I never was interested in anything beside Tarot,  but only read about scrying balls and mirrors. 
Last spring I bought a 10 cm white glass paperweight and put it on my secretaire. 

One day I passed it and saw something moving, looking closer I saw a scene. One that was 
connected with us and that we could avoid. It was not nice. I told my partner this and for 
Christmas he gave me the real thing. Not one of a precious stone, but a man made crystal 
after the recipes of the old adepts. I can make it work occasionally. 

Some weeks ago I had an idea and tried it out. I think you all have tealight candles besides 
real ones, and I have teacandle holders that are mostly coloured glasses, ones you put the 
candles in. Not on top, but into the depths of the glass so that the light that shines is 
coloured. I have about half a dozen in different colours. 

I put a black cloth on the table always, it's velvet, but cheap, because bit by bit you get 
it stained  with wax from the big candles one has to use also. The best remedy to take the 
wax out is, put the cloth into the deep freezer for some hours, than you can just break away 
all the wax. 

It takes a bit of experimenting, depending on the size of the table on how to place a candle 
holder with normal candles and all the coloured glasses. They mirror in the ball, my real ball 
is about 15 cm in diameter. The candles will mirror from the top down. At the farthest end 
I put a real candle holder, I take a sabbath candle holder  with small candles as there is 
some tradition told to me the candles in a sabbath candle holder have to burn out and are 
not to be put out. 

Any other with about three to more candles will do. If you place them right you have 
them at the bottom of the ball. The lights go  higher when the candles burn down. 

Place all the coloured glasses with candles burning so that they show in the ball with 
space between till the top. The nearest ones are showing at the top. You can do it in 
silence of play some mediating music,harps, or cembalo, very soft. 

Sit before the ball comfortably and just gaze into it. After a time the ball will vanish from
your sight and you see only all the colours and the black depth, coming from the cloth. 
Light beams are coming out of the coloured lights, that is because that all has a kind of 
self-hypnotic effect. 

We found out that this is very calming and is helpful against depression better than any 
pills. We did it for some evenings in a row together. I placed my partner in the center, 
as he has at the moment very deep depression. There is a danger, the self-hypnotic effect 
makes one drowsy and tired and one has to go to sleep, and there comes the danger with 
the candles. These in the glasses, if forgotten burn out, but in a candle holder they can 
drop and maybe burn holes in the cloth or start a fire. I always open the window a little, 
so that the candles are flickering. 

If you do it alone,never use an open candle holder.Best is to have someone around watching, 
like I do, I am caught by that also, but not so much as when I am in the center before the 
ball.I have not found out till now how long lasting the effect is,when it's done like a
therapy each evening.

We do it once or twice in the week together now when my partner is here.We tried it 
with my glass paperweight also. It has air bubbles in it, but the colour effect is the 
same, if the calming effect is the same, we just try out. 

I was in Berlin day before yesterday and bought another of these paperweights, they are 
cheap, and some colored glass candleholders in red, green,blue, pink, purple. You should 
have more red ones, they shine most, and of different sizes.

I gave the paperweight and half of the candle glasses to my partner and he will try it out 
also at home, as we cannot afford a second real ball. Only setback, but not too much. The 
paperweights are smaller, but that can be remedied with placing the glasses carefully. 
You lose the time completely with this form of scrying. First time we *woke* up so to say, 
after  more than two hours, when the first candle went out. 

We thought it was only minutes we did that. My partner was very tired, I had to stir him 
into the bed and  he slept the whole night through and woke up much better than he 
was before that.

Regarding using scrying balls for scrying I have a big book about that, tried to read it 
and in the end abandoned it as nonsense.You surely know the Romani Buckland deck. The 
same man did some years ago a gypsy deck, I received as a much appreciated gift from 
one of the list. The accompanying book is not telling much. He goes in it in different kinds 
of fortune telling and there is a small chapter about scrying balls also. He tells that every 
ball will do, it does not depend on the material, but on the one who tries to see. So either 
you can do it or not. The important thing is the psychic gift , not the material of the ball 
scrying . I found out myself in the paperweight.

For the antidepression effect I think its the same soothing effect. So in my opinion any
glass ball would do. If you have the real ball and  have a talent for scrying be careful 
not to have the wish to see anything before you place the ball in its holder. That can 
interfere, getting a sight can have just the contrast effect of soothing. I prepared my 
ball with bathing it in saltwater and put it one full moon night outside and cover it against 
day light with a dark cloth. These are the recommendations for scrying. 

The paperweight ball just sits on my secretaire and I did nothing with it, but it seems to help 
also. Oh, I forgot something important. The tea candles I use are scented ones, I use what I 
can get cheaply, and they have scents from oriental, to apple, lemon, vanille, flowers, lavender, 
incense, just what is available. These mixed scents are adding to the effect. The next morning,
if you forget to open the windows wide after doing that,the room smells terrible, not awful, but 
enough to give you a headache if you are in the room. 

With the ball there never is a headache. I will tell what my partner do with his now, 
I only advised him, not to use a real candle holder without the small tablets for 
catching the wax on them, when he does it alone. 

I am not sure if that can help all against depression. My partner has endogen depression, 
mine is exogen, and it helps us both. The idea was really first time only to see how it looks 
when coloured candles are mirrored in the ball. I like to have candles burning in the evening,
they in general are more calming than electric light. 

When I did it the first time alone, I also lost the time  and was *woken* up by the phone 
ringing. Not a nice end of that. So make sure to avoid that. And best to be two, so as to watch 
the candles. 

Hope it helps more people than only us. 
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