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Charms,Love,Prosperity .....and M*a*g*i*c*k*
Bonnie Moss 2003-04

Magick is in the air we breathe, the water we drink, the good earth we stand on, the warmth of the fire. It is within us. It is around us. It is beyond us.

Belief in powers beyond man's understanding has been around - from the moment Man stood upright on this good earth. Man looked up to the mysterious Moon, venerated the bright Sun, listened to the Wind, gazed at the horizon and beyond, talked to the trees, invoked the departed Spirits.The list goes on.

Magick is fascinating.Spells, charms and amulets are testaments to this. Who has not toyed with the idea of a good luck charm? What about your lucky penny?

Your day is going badly, it's just not your lucky day! Purists say this is the work of the Devil. What power made it possible for Moses to part the great sea to let his people by? Who has not heard of the magical powers of King Solomon? What about the miracles Jesus performed? Aren't these proof of powers beyond man's understanding?

Society is getting more sophisticated and technological. Charms and spells are catching up. There are many believers in powers beyond human comprehension.There are powers that can be invoked for protection, for luck, for better relationships. There are invocations to banish negative energy.

Life revolves around positive or negative energies. We are created in the image and likeness of God, it is within our human power to create and manifest our desires and even our destinies.


A wish is a spell. Praying is similar to spell casting. Cross your fingers and wish hard for it to come true.

You have a new car,you move to a new house.Be sure to get it blessed to ward off harm and to invite the flow of positive vibrations,better known as good luck and to ask for protection from unknown elements or entities.

There is an immense power beyond our human realm that we can tap into, if we believe.And many do. Tradition and culture has deep repository of spells,charms and magick that date back to antiquity.

Source of these powers surround us, we look at them all the time. Add to this mental and physical attitude, dedication and respect for the materials available to us. Candles, herbs, crystals, trees, the Moon, colors, numbers and many more.

For spells to work, record keeping is important.It gives you a chance to review your work, add whatever your intuition tells you.

Prepare a sacred space, an altar, decide on a particular time, consecrate or bless your tools.Learn how to meditate, find out how to connect with your Inner Self. Spell casting is a serious affair, not to be taken as a joke. It is important to dedicate your sacred space or altar and tools you will use.


Spell is not invoking the power of the Devil; there is Black Magic and there is hex or jinx.There are ways and means to protect one from these negative forms of magick. This is where it is important for any practitioner to learn about psychic protection, shielding and grounding before and after any psychic work or spell casting work.


There are various types of spells, keeping a record of the spells you do makes a good reference material.If nothing else, it would make a good conversation topic.


Never underestimate the power of the spoken word! The intensity and passion gives power,add to this the personal power and energy. This creates the atmosphere for a spell to work. Invocation is seeking the, ultimate power for a stated personal purpose.

There are practitioners who invoke the power of the dark side, the malign and negative forces. It is not advisable to meddle with these powers.Harm may eventually come to those who practise this type of invocation back to the person

Invocations may at first be overwhelming, the energy developed may be too powerful, but if it is for something positive, what harm can it do?


The practitioner and helpers get together, not necessarily to invoke a particular power. Prayers,hymns and group chantings are rythmic and beautiful, even enchanting.


Love Spells, Bidding Spells , Good Luck Spells, Protection Spells,


These spells are a collection from books and from the a wealth of resources on-line. I did not make them up.I patiently compiled them to share with you.

Health I bring you,
happiness too, wealth herein
and all for YOU

Whatever you do or give to anyone, say these words, from your heart to bless the gift, a gift of love.


If household gremlins take up residence in your computer, they can wreak havoc with your communications.They can garble e-mail, delete important files and documents, and even crash your system. However, with a little patience and the following spell, you can mend their ways.

Light up your favorite incense, walk around the room with it, then around the computer.This traps them inside. Shut down y our computer,unplug it. This inactivity will drive them crazy and bored. After several hours, speak to them and say: Make it work faster and better, or go AWAY

You may have to repeat this several times for it to work.


Computers and other electronic modes of communication are electrochemical entities teeming with life force. If you are intimidated by them, remember that no matter how imperious they might seem, they will only do exactly what you tell them to do. To reaffirm your relationship with your computer or similar device,clean it regularly with a dry cloth or anti-static wipe sold for that purpose.

Visualize your auras conjoined, and address it thus:

 As I command, 
 So shall you obey.
 As you toil for me,
 So shall I be your devoted keeper, this is the end to conflict. 
 Symbiotic helpmates, we. 



Whenever you are about to embark on a new enterprise, it is sensible to gain the blessing of a threshold deity. One such deity is Ganesha,the elephant-headed Hindu god. Find a postcard or statue of Ganesha, or an elephant if you cannot find the god himself. Make a small offering such as a bowl of rice, a flower, or a cake to the deity by placing it before his representative and saying: Lord of the Threshold, Remover of Obstacles, God of New Enterprises, enhance my endeavours with your golden blessings

If this does not bring you good luck, nothing will!

COMEBACK SPELLS This spell employs the rule that whatever you do comes back to you three times over.


Put a bowl of potpourri on your altar to represent the happiness and blessings you seek. Say over it three times:

As I give, so may I receive.

Then, go do some nice favors for other people. You might bake cookies for your coworkers, or donate clothes to a charity, or put coins in a parking meter about to run out.

Happiness is sure to come your way as a result.


From time to time we encounter somebody who seems to enjoy rattling us. A good antidote to this is to visualize this person inside a bell jar. When they send positive thoughts, they penetrate the imaginary glass, but negative ones stay inside.

If you visualize this frequently, you willbegin to feel immune to their presence. You will also perceive that the person is polluting themselves every time they try to affect others with negativity. Soon they will notice the toxicity of their situation, and, if they have any sense, will understand that all thoughts and actions return multiplied to the sender, sooner or later.


To stop a pointless argument take a picture of the one you are fighting with place a clear piece of tape over his or her mouth. Draw a heart upon it. Kiss it, place it where you can see it as you clearly say:

 You may best me with your words, 
 But you are bested by my kiss 
 No more will I hear angry words; 
 From these lips, love will persist! 
 Blow a kiss to it now and then as you walk by.

Then place it on your dresser or another quiet place, reinstate the spell when needed. This also works on yourself.


To send a message to someone, to force an issue, to gain more intelligence, to wish one health and happiness.


Bell and candle of your choice.Carve the Air signs on the candle: Gemini, Libra ,Aquarius


...air flows pure..
..Spirit unbound, inspiration
..from sky to ground, realize love with this sound.

Light the candle during the ritual
Ring the bell seven times
ALWAYS ask for the help of the element AIR

SACRED SPACE RITUAl Tap into the summer spirit for setting up your own sacred space.

NEEDED : sea salt, lemon juice, bowl of warm water Set up your space on your altar, add sea salt and lemon juice Tto the bowl of water Burn sandalwood incense.

METHOD Hold the bowl up to the Goddess, and ask that this liquid be blessed with the powers of purification and protection. Starting in the north, go around your home, sprinkling the water in each room. Be sure to include all doorways, windows, closets, and vents. Say as you go:

May this house be blessed by the Goddess, so that only the most beneficial energies might enter.

Love Spells


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